NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower

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Key Features:
  • 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included
  • 20 workout programs
  • Smooth, adjustable air resistance
  • SpaceSaver® folding design
  • i-Pod compatible sound system
  • Moulded seat and soft touch handle
The NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower is a space saving indoor rower that is built to provide a full body strength and cardiovascular workout that will help you achieve your fitness

The NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower has adjustable smooth air resistance which allows users to find the perfect intensity for their workout and the 20 built in programs keeps your training varied and challenging.

The built in I-pod compatible sound system helps keep you motivated and entertained whilst you work towards your fitness goals. The five inch back lit display makes it easy to select and change between the 20 built in programs and allows users to track their progress with stats such as watts, strokes per minute, total strokes, time
and calories.

The NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower is designed to be comfortable for all users with a moulded seat and oversized seat rail which helps with stability and provides a smooth movement and an ergonomic soft touch handle to prevent straining.

The oversized pivoting pedals also help provide extra stability and comfort. The high positioned seat is higher off the ground than most rowing machines which allows users to move freely and comfortably complete the rowing motion. The NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower guarantees comfort and an effective workout. The transport wheels and space saver design make it easy to move and store away this piece of equipment.

The rower has a steel frame and a maximum weight capacity of 130kg making it durable and long lasting and has dimensions of 220 X 56 X 108cm (L x W X H).

Rowing machines are one of the best pieces of fitness equipment as it has the ability to work 85% of your body’s muscles at once. By using a rowing machine, you are working your legs, arms, back and core making you stronger whilst also improving your cardiovascular capacity. Although rowing machines work your entire body it is also low impact which means you get an intense workout without the risk of injury. Rowing machines are also extremely versatile, they allow user to do different programs for different results, they can be used for HIIT or for lower intensity steady state workouts.

The NordicTrack RX 800 V1 Rower has a 12-month home use warranty and an extended 24-month warranty if registered with ICON Health & Fitness within 28 days of purchasing. Please register your product within 28 days of your purchase online at:

Alternatively complete the warranty registration card included in the box and send it with your proof of purchase to the address on the back cover of the warranty booklet. Failure to register your warranty may result in it not being valid.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
Good mid-range rower
Assembly: You will need a screwdriver and a wrench (not included). The manual recommends two people, but I managed on my own without any difficulty. The instructions are easy enough to follow. Pre-use: The display requires 4x battery type D (not included; a power cord can also be used, but it is sold separately). What I did instead is I purchased cheap spacers that turn standard AA batteries into type D and I've had no problems using those instead. Resistance: I've read some reviews that suggested that the resistance isn't high enough on this model. The way air resistance works makes it feel like no resistance for the first second or so, but my arms feel just as sore after a workout as they do in the gym, so the resistance is perfectly adequate. The cold breeze generated by the rower is also very pleasant as it helps to cool me down. Comfort: The seat and hand bar are super-comfortable - a thousand times more comfortable than the rowers in my local gym, so it's full marks from me. Noise level: The rower is very quiet. Quiet enough to be used in a flat. I turned the sound notifications (beeps during exercises) all the way down, but you can have them playing quite loudly if you like. Display: The display could be better, but it's okay. The blue back lighting is nice, but my complaint is that the display cannot display more than three values at once, and the three values each have fixed options (the third one must always be calories), so you can't, for example, see time and distance at the same time. The default mode shows you everything by switching between the different values every couple of seconds, so that's okay for what I need, although it could have been designed better. The display contains a large in-built speaker for playing your own music (you will need a cable that has a small jack on each end to plug in your device - not included.) Exercises: The exercises are a little pointless as they are simply comprised of a countdown timer and a watt range within which you're supposed to be at each stage of the exercise (plus sound notifications for stage changes, etc.) If that sort of thing works to motivate you, then you're in luck, as there are 20 of these to choose from, but I prefer staring at the elapsed time and/or distance. Size: Based on the length of the rail, this rower can be used even by a very, very tall person. When unfolded, it's a full-size rower that takes up almost 220 cm (width: 55 cm, height: 100 cm including display or 81-84 cm with the display all the way down). Folding is relatively easy, and when folded, the rower becomes more compact (length: 90 cm, height: 111 cm (highest point) or 77 cm (top of display), width: 55 cm (doesn't change)). The little wheels make it possible to move the rower and position it where you want it. A thing to note is that when you fold the rower without moving it, it will take up more space behind feet with wheels than when it was unfolded, so you will likely need to reposition it every time you unfold it (you can't store it against a wall and then just unfold it as that would put it 55 cm away from the same wall). Construction: It looks sturdy and durable and the operation is very smooth - just like what I'm used to from the gym. Conclusion: The display could be designed better, but otherwise I'm very happy with my purchase and I'd definitely recommend this rower.

De roeitrainer heb ik na levering eenvoudig in elkaar kunnen zetten. Wat een top roeitrainer! Ik ben meer dan 2 meter lang en pas met gemak op de roeitrainer! Het apparaat ziet er stoer en solide uit én dat is het ook. De luchtweerstand is gemakkelijk in te stellen. Het zitje voelt comfortabel aan, evenals de handvatten. Het roeien verloopt heel soepel. Het verstelbare display is prettig en goed te zien tijdens het roeien, de verschillende programma\'s zijn erg fijn. Het opklappen gaat erg eenvoudig en het geluidssysteem van deze roeitrainer is een goed bedachte toevoeging.

Muy buena máquina de remo, con una relación calidad/precio excelente. Me encanta por el diseño que tiene, los acabados... la presencia en general. Además es muy ergonómico y viene con muchas prestaciones (20 programas en total).

Il prodotto è molto buono, peccato la poca resistenza che non permette allenamenti esplosivi. La console risulta essere molto pratica e intuitiva. Il seggiolino è ergonomico e abbastanza stabile.

Il prodotto è molto buono, peccato la poca resistenza