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For years the world's top scientists have meticulously studied branched chain amino acids - elements that have the ability to rapidly accelerate muscle tissue regeneration and development. And now, the world renowned Team MuscleTech researchers bring you BCAA Hardcore - an extremely effective catalyst. BCAA Hardcore has the precise ratio of essential amino acids necessary to promote an environment conducive to extreme muscle growth and strength. Team MuscleTech researchers have formulated this product with a precise ratio of branched chain amino acids required by the human body during bouts of intense exercise to combat catabolism and build new muscle mass by promoting protein synthesis. When it comes to building rock-solid muscle, BCAA Hardcore is your obvious choice. When used with hardcore training, this advanced formula allows you to experience the true " effect" every time you take a serving, helping you achieve massive gains in muscle.

The Formula...
BCAA Hardcore has a potent effect on accelerating the muscle growth and recovery process. With every serving of BCAA Hardcore you will experience a dose of three precisely compounded essential amino acids - L-valine, L-isoleucine and L-leucine - formulated to enter your skeletal muscle, creating an environment necessary to produce extreme physique-enhancing muscle gains.

The Science...
Team MuscleTech scientists partnered with the world's leading human physiology experts to fund over 100 research studies at prestigious institutes and universities around the world to bring you the powerful line of MuscleTech products. BCAA Hardcore is scientifically formulated to effectively and efficiently deliver a potent dose of BCAA Hardcore to your starving muscle cells, igniting tremendous growth. Upon absorption, a number of events occur that promote muscle development and recovery. BCAA Hardcore helps to fuel ism by supporting muscle cell regeneration and sparing existing muscle tissue from being compromised. End result: enhanced muscle recovery and growth.
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