Maximuscle Recovermax 750g - Orange

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Maximuscle’s Recovermax is possibly the most effective rehydration and recovery drink available. Its unique ratio of carbohydrate and protein helps restore body glycogen levels. Using Recovermax in conjunction with your regular training could bring you great benefits, including increased muscle power, increased work output and reduced muscle fatigue. It contains Biomax whey protein to provide ultra-fast delivery of all the essential amino acids after training. These are needed to repair damaged muscle after exercise and for muscle growth. Each gram of Biomax contains 20% BCAAs, more than meat, fish or egg. To keep up your energy stores, Maximuscle’s Recovermax will keep your muscles ‘ready for action’ as its unique formulation also helps prevent muscle damage after training. It contains the most potent collection of high dosage performance nutrients ever seen in a recovery drink. If you’re a runner, cyclist, rugby player, triathlete, weight trainer, boxer, footballer, swimmer or even in the military, taking this formula post exercise will really make a difference. It’s easy to digest and tastes fantastic.
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