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Marcy Folding Olympic Bench

NOW TODAY £499.00
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Key Features:
  • Bigger & Wider Folding Olympic Bench
  • Rack compatible with any 7-ft barbell, up to 135 kg
  • Bar catchers adjust to 8 heights
  • Walk-in rear Squat Rack – 2 heights adjustments
  • Removable Leg Developer & Biceps Pad
If you are looking for a more accommodating large olympic bench that folds fast to save space, and isn't feeble or frail, the Marcy Folding Olympic Bench is the perfect choice


With more pre-welded components to maximise build integrity and minimise assembly time, this larger Folding Olympic Weight Bench utilises Marcy’s unique tough fold concept & design.

Two carefully positioned large pins release rapidly to collapse the bench in half, and in its extended position the pins support the structure instead of compromising it like most benches.

The Bench is not flimsy at all and has a weight capacity OF 270kg. With a 14-gauge heavy duty triangular and squared solid steel framework, the Rack’s bar holders can support 135 kg, and the 2 weight plates Storage Posts up to 90 kg each.

This beastly bench has been crafted to take a battering. If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, look no further.


The wider rack of the Marcy Folding Olympic Bench is compatible with a 7-ft Barbell and enables you to chest press with wider grip positions to annihilate and overload your chest from every angle.

Adjustable to 6 heights to precisely align the barbell with your body in any angle, rubberised bar catchers prevent damage to your barbell and absorb any impact.

Lower elongated safety pegs will catch the barbell to prevent you from getting injured.


Flip the pegs to the rear and rack up the barbell for squats up to 135 kg 300 lb. Squats are one of the most effective exercises, not only for your legs, but full body muscle growth improvements.

Quickly convert the Bench into a walk-in squat rack at the rear with 2 height adjustments, so you can incorporate squats, Romanian deadlifts, calf raises and lunges to your routine.


Sightly longer abdominal back pad and larger ergonomic seat are used on the Marcy Folding Olympic Bench to support your back properly.

The seat pad (35 cm x 36 cm) adjusts to 3 angles; the back pad (73 cm x 27 cm) adjusts to 8 angles to develop your chest fully; and they both feature a 2.5” inch thick (6.35 cm) top & bottom box stitched padded upholstery.

This distinctive padding gives you superior support and is backed with sheer quality elements: dual steel back pad supports to distribute the weight load on the back pad evenly for heavier load capacities, and a Quick-Release Adjustment System with a spring-loaded safety pin allows the bench to slide along a track.


A removable full leg developer to target quadriceps & hamstrings, bio-mechanically aligned to feel natural and keep your knees healthy. The leg developer incorporates a lock that fixes the high-density foam rollers, with soft leather wrapping, in place for ab crunches

A removable biceps pad, adjustable to 3 heights to align your arms perfectly for full range of motion biceps curl, so you can beef up your biceps safely. Both removable attachments have a storage point. Arm & leg curl holder is located at the back of the bench to store away.


Lifetime frame

3 years on parts, bushings, brackets, pins

1 year upholstery

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews
Good bench
Good bench from Marcy! Have looked at many but price-performance this wins and it totally fulfills its purpose

Stable bench with many exercise possibilities - perfect for me as a beginner.

Just right
Just the right thing when it comes to chest/leg training. Good quality and quick to build.

Good bench
Good weight bench at a really fair price.