Johnson T7000 Treadmill

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Key Features:
  • Running surface 155cm x 51cm
  • Motivating feedback LED display
  • Programmes include 3 preset, 2 customised with manual control and 1 customised heartrate
  • Polar compatible interactive heartrate control
  • Speed 0-12mph with Elevation 0-15%
Walking and running are still two of the most popular forms of exercise. Giving the body a total workout including; increasing cardio fitness, strengthening and toning muscles as well as promoting healthy weight loss, it doesn't matter whether you choose to walk, run or jog! The Johnson T7000 Treadmill gives you the perfect platform on which to work out safely and comfortably. One of the biggest issues facing runners is the undue stress and strain placed on delicate ankle, knee and hip joints by the impact of feet hitting asphalt.

Fortunately the T7000 has been thoughtfully designed to take into consideration the needs of avid walkers and runners. The 155cm x 51cm variable durometer, cushioned running surface provides a comfortable experience for the user. With a speed range from 0-12 mph and an incline up to 12%, you can easily manage and vary the intensity of your workout. A stunning 10 x 14 green LED dot-matrix display console allows you to monitor Time, Pace, Incline, Distance, Speed, Level Calories, METs, Target Heart Rate, Actual Heart Rate and Profile. This means you can keep your exercise routine fresh by setting new and exciting challenges for yourself every time.
The user-friendly electronic console makes it easy to switch between the programs including Manual, Interval, Goal (Time, Distance, Calories), Random, Heart rate (Target, Weight Loss) and Cool Down. You can also keep track of your heart rate via the polar compatible, interactive heart rate control. Alternatively you can also measure your heart rate via the handgrips and receiver. With so many ways to chart your progress this really is one of the best interactive treadmills on the market.

The solid steel construction is stylish and durable and can take up to 159 kg / 350 lbs. / 24.5 stones in weight. This is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym. With a 3.2HP DC motor, you can be sure of a smooth journey with little interruption between setting adjustments. The effortless flow of the T7000 are what make using a treadmill so fantastic, you don’t have to worry about obstacles on the pavement, bad weather, dark nights or hard asphalt, all you need to do is focus on making the most of your fitness regime.

The Johnson T7000 Treadmill comes with a 2-year warranty including commercial warranty (2-year parts and 1-year labour) and home warranty (3-year parts and 3-year labour). With free UK delivery and a variety of payment options this the perfect piece of equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals!
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Very happy with the Service
Customer service were very friendly and helped me. Happy with the treadmill as well