BodyMax R100 Air Rower with Magnetic Resistance

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Key Features:
  • Very High Stability
  • Easy-to-use Folding Mechanism
  • 5" LCD Display On-Board Console
  • 26 On-Board Training Programmes
  • Combined Magnetic and Air Resistance System
  • Mains powered

Revised and updated, the improved BodyMax R100 is equipped with a combined magnetic and air resistance system, the R100 is the perfect addition to your home gym.


BodyMax R100 Air Rower with Magnetic Resistance


The BodyMax R100 offers a combined resistance system; magnetic and air resistance. This offers the user many advantages for rowing. It allows you to set a basic resistance on the rower whilst maintaining smoother pulling at any intensity.

While the magnetic resistance works in the lower zone, the air resistance provides superior pulling at higher intensities. Thanks to the magnetic resistance, it is also possible to train watt-precisely. For instance, a watt value of up to 300 watts can be set.

The on-board console controls the resistance level depending upon the pulling speed so that this watt value is constantly kept. Due to the air resistance being able to be set at much high resistances, competitive rowers & athletes are able to push themselves on the R100.

The R100 also features a remote control integrated within the handle, allowing you to change your settings, such as resistance or workout programme, during training.


The R100 features the most advanced on-board computer console available.

The console features 26 training programme selections for the whole family and also two fitness test programmes.

These allow you the flexibility to monitor your progress where you can effectively increase your own performance quickly.

The first is the Racer programme – this feature allows you to compete against the average times that have already been set for the 500m, a great one to get all the family involved!

Secondly, there is the Pace programme. This feature allows you to set a time target over 500m and the onboard pacesetter will help you keep pace and hit your target time.

The R100 also features four heart rate programmes, a target heart rate programme, a watt programme and pre-set Fartlek training programme.

BodyMax R100 Air Rower with Magnetic Resistance

BodyMax R100 Air Rower with Magnetic Resistance


Designed with the customer in mind, the BodyMax R100 offers the user an indoor rower with outstanding functionality whilst looking superb in your home. The rower has been manufactured to the highest quality and offers smart and well thought-out functions.

The frame of the R100 has been designed to be higher, thus making the seat higher as well. This allows the user to get on and off the rower easily and more comfortably.

The upholstered seat offers the user excellent comfort, whilst a long rail offers increased stability.

An easy-to-use folding mechanism and transport wheels allows the rower to be moved and stored neatly, leaving you plenty of room in your household.


Rowing is argued by many to be the best form of whole body exercise you can do! But not everyone has the time, money, or desire to go out on the river every week! Whether you’re a competitive rower or just looking for a great piece of equipment to help you get in better shape, a rowing machine can give loads of great benefits: -

  • Whole body fat burning

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Promotes good posture

  • Low impact exercise which maintains joint health

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 106 reviews
A better Concept 2
This machine looks great in our garage gym and is really comfortable to row on. It is similar to the concept 2 which I have been used to in gym’s previously but I personally prefer the motion of this one and can better feel my back and arm muscles working properly throughout the full range of motion.

Absolutely Brilliant
Bought this rowing machine for my boy who does rowing at school and this has been great for him, even I use it at times, seat is very stable and comfortbale, the variation of the resistance levels really help, as my boy is only 16 and I am not that strong.

Small and compact for my student accommodation
I'm more than pleased with the R100. I live in a student accommodation so it's great as it can fold up. The track on the rowing machine is very smooth & the foot pedals are easily adjustable for height. The user profiles are straight forward. Overall i think this is a nice little set-up, And the row bar is brilliant as it has control options on it ( Which i have never come accross ). Superb machine happy customer

Fantastic workout modes to keep you motivated
Amazing machine. My favourite feature is the Race program, I have been racing on 500m distance with my family and it's so motivating. All of us have so much fun while working out. Brilliant feature. When I'm alone there's also a Pace program where you set a specific time on 500m and then race with that time. There's so much entertainment built into this machine that you never get bored.

Great Machine
This rower is a great machine as it is nice and smooth. The resistance is great and can be adjusted while rowing by using buttons on the handles to increase or decrease resistance while rowing. The rail is nice and high off the ground making it easy to get on and off the rower.

Similar to Concept 2 rower
was recommended by my friend at work as I was looking for a CV machine that did a full body exercise very happy with the feature that you can change resistance with the handle it would be a bit better if it would be a able to stand up for storage. Programs has help me lose 2 stone now very happy with my rower

High Quality
Excellent quality. I really enjoy rowing in the gym and wanted a rower that would mimic the quality of the equipment that I use in the gym. I tried the rower in one of the stores and it felt great. I ordered it in store and the transaction was smooth. It arrived within a week and I have been using it consistently for over a year. Would highly recommend this rower to any keen rowers or for people who wish to improve their fitness.

Excellent rower
Feels as good as what I use in the gym and isn't as noisy!

Gordon Prescot
Very professional and prompt with delivery a pleasure doing business with you

Very good machine
It is very steady, not heavy to move,easy to store as it folds.Very powerful with a lot of different workout options and user profiles. Accurate calorie count and heart rate if you use the chest strap.I highly recommend it.