Holofit VR Headset & Cadence Sensor

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Key Features:
  • Explore breathtaking virtual worlds
  • More fun working out
  • Workouts and competitions with other users
  • Customize your workout according to your needs
  • Over 100 VR workouts
  • Requires a Holofit App subscription
Holodia is bringing the virtual reality ‘world’ into your home, with the Holofit App, taking your fitness training to a totally different level!

Fitness should be fun, and with this app and VR headset you will have the ability to bring a completely new dimension to your cardio workouts, maintaining the intense levels of training but offering a competitive and fun edge!


The headset is one size fits all, fully adjustable with a strap at the back to go around your head. It has a cushioned overlay on the inside for comfort and comes with a spare overlay in the box. To use the app and experience the virtual reality worlds, you simply open the front of the headset and place your mobile phone inside and secure in place.

The headset is compatible with other VR apps and can be used with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Please note: check that your mobile is compatible and VR ready / enabled.


The app is compatible with selected cardio equipment, listed below, however you are able to make your existing bike or elliptical compatible with the right Bluetooth connection by simply mounting the cadence sensor to your equipment. Equipment requires a FTMS protocol Bluetooth connection.


The Holofit app makes a connection to your machine via the Bluetooth connection* and transfers the data onto the Holofit platform; please read below for full compatibility specifications. To begin a new world of training you will need:

  • Compatible fitness machine (with cadence sensor if required)
  • VR Headset
  • Compatible smartphone

Lastly, you need to have a subscription to the Holofit app; there are 3 different subscription options, 3 months, 12 months or lifetime.


With the Holofit app, you will reach your fitness goals as you normally would, but will have more fun and enjoyment along the way! Finding new ways to train helps to keep your training varied whilst in-turn keeping you motivated.

Regardless of what level of fitness you currently have, Holofit offers increased levels of motivation from users looking to kick-start their fitness journey, users who want to improve their health or fitness levels, or athletes looking to add some fun into their regimes to help improve performance levels.

With over 100 VR workouts across several virtual ‘worlds’ your training will be ever-changing with the continuous app updates, making boredom unthinkable! The experience may be virtual but the results and effects are real!


The Holofit App splits its workouts into four categories. Each after a specific need, you just need to choose which is right for you.

EXPLORE: Experience and enjoy the lovingly created VR world as you wish without any worries. You can also go on the search for various trophies to add to your collection while profiting from working out at the same time.

CARDIO: Adjust your training to your personal needs. Burning fat, cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be changed to the correct level for you.

TIME ATTACK: As soon as a time has been recorded, you can compete against it or beat results from other users. With guaranteed competitive atmosphere and motivation.

MULTIPLAYER: Bring your friends together in exciting small group training sessions or competitions. Additional to the varying workout categories, Holofit offers the possibility to reach your goals through a virtual trainer. Set your goals and your personal trainer will support and advise you the right way.


The companion app is also available on both iOS and Android devices. By connecting with your friends, you are able to compare your results and keep track of your workouts.

    You can keep track of your scores, including trophies won and unlock new levels over time.

    Never lose track of any of your workouts. The App saves each and every workout you have done, and gives an overview of your progress.

    Leaderboards by country, sport or workout mode. You can compare your results with your friends or other Holofit community members.


Rowing Machines
  • Concept2 rowing machines with a PM5 monitor
  • WaterRower rowing machines via SmartRow

Exercise Bikes / Indoor Cycles / Cross Trainers

With the optional available Bluetooth Candence Sensor, this enables all of these types of machine to be compatible.

* Please note: Your equipment must have a FTMS protocol Bluetooth connection.

Holofit VR Headset & Cadence Sensor

Holofit VR Headset & Cadence Sensor

Holofit VR Headset & Cadence Sensor

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Average rating from 4 reviews
Great Birthday present!
got this for my 40th and I'm loving it so far! Much better way to workout, and before I know it I've done 30 minutes on my bike. Great idea for home fitness.

Totally addictive. Time flies and so does the distance when I'm in all the virtual worlds. So much to explore and so many cool things to try!

The VR makes training a lot more fun. It works well with my phone can and easily pair with my bike. So cool!

Takes away the boredom of training! The combination of sport and virtual reality is awesome! Highly recommended, great product and very innovative.