Harbinger Leather Dip Belt - Black

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Key Features:
  • Genuine leather
  • The ultimate in fit and comfort during training
  • 30"" steel chain with speed clip
  • Easily and securely attach weight plates
The Harbinger Leather Dip Belt features contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort during training. All leather construction with steel grommets for durability. The 30"" steel chain with speed clip to make attaching plates easy and secure.


To use the Harbinger Leather Dip Belt, simply slip weight plates onto the chain through the hole on weight plates.

Unclip the chain from the belt. Wrap the belt around your waist making sure the chain is toward the front of the belt. The belt should sit low and around your waist. Slip the weight plate onto the belt chain through the hole in the center of the weight plate. Re-clip the chain to the belt. Check that the chain is secured properly before using the belt.

Once the weight plate is safely loaded on the belt and the chain is clipped and closed properly, grab the chain with one hand on either side of the belt and lift the weight plate with the other. Support the weight and chain as you slowly stand. Once standing, lower the weight plate the full extension of the chain. The weight plate should be suspended on the chain and hang in between your legs. As you release the weight (slowly) to the full extended length of the chain, the belt itself should move down your waist and sit snugly on your waist and hips.

Safety reminder: Dip belts are designed to be used with weight plates that are slipped and locked onto the chain. They are not intended to be used with any other form of weight that is suspended or wrapped by the belt chain. Do not use any alternative weight suspension system other than what is described above.

Not intended for heavy weight plates.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
Good for weighted dips
This is fantastic for weighted dips or pull ups! With this belt and chain, it makes your whole body a little heavier, but doesn't constrict your upper body motion or nerves/muscles

The belt feels really solid and doesn't have any give when you put weights on it

Fits Well
Fits well, neither too tight or too loose. Comfortable to use

Works well
I use this belt to perform weighted pull-ups and dips. The belt sits comfortably around the hips and i have had no issues with slippage of any kind when the belt has weight pulling it down. Overall a great product, and well worth the purchase price!

Weight belt
I needed a weight belt for adding weight to my calf exercises. I thought this maybe a good idea. So far so good. The belt is comfortable and fits my waist and hips and does not cut into my skin or feel like its digging in. No signs or wear or tearing.