Gibbon Slackline Groundscrew

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The Gibbon Groundscrew offers the solution of providing an anchor for your slackline if you have no trees in your garden.

When fully screwed into the ground the Grdounscrew enables you to use your Slackline by fixing it into the loop at the top of the screw.

Bu adjusting the ratchet on your slackline at both ends the tension will ensure that your slackline is both secure and safe when attched to the screw fixed into the ground. The screw is 70cm long, giving you plenty of depth to secure it in your lawn.

If you have never tried to use a Slackline, download the Gibbon App, available for free on both the AppStore and PlayStore (iOS and Android respectively).

The main benefits of the App are that it teaches you how to Slackline and how to progress with your skills and possibilities, but also invites you to use slacklining as an effective way to get fit.

In cooperation with the therapy experts: “Medical Slackline Concepts” the Gibbon App provides you with a personal coaching feature, which trains your fitness in combination with your coordinative skills.

By using the App you will be able to learn how to walk and balance properly on the slackline, improving your skills overall. It’s a fun way to get fit whilst incorporating some strength training and all-round co-ordination.

You can record your stats and share them with others in the Slackline community whilst also being able to watch and follow other enthusiasts!

The App also gives you access to a beginner’s guide tutorial as well as a video-based customizable fitness program with 3 different levels of difficulty. There is also access to all the social channels feeds in one location to keep up to date with the latest updates from Gibbon and the SlackLine community via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is where you can also upload your content to share you training with others!

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