Matrix Rear Delt / Fly G3-S22

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Key Features:
  • Optimized handle positions
  • User arms pivot
  • Ergo form cushions ensure proper body alignment and support
  • Integrated bottle and towel holder
  • Round frame tubing for increased strength and durability
If you’re serious about building muscle mass on your arms, don’t forget to work your shoulders! Strong, well-defined shoulders are not only attractive, they are also essential for optimum fitness. Since the shoulder allows for a wide range of movement it is also more prone to injury. Specifically targeting the deltoid muscle and the many stabilizing muscles that make up the rotator cuff, you assist in injury prevention as well as enhance athletic ability. Strong shoulders also help with everyday tasks and encourage a more confident posture.

One of the biggest problems with working the deltoids is it’s often the front of the muscle that gets all the attention. To ensure muscular balance it is extremely important to work all aspects of the delts, and the Matrix Rear Delt Fly G3-S22 is the perfect piece of equipment to effectively and efficiently target the rear aspect of this muscle.

Beautifully crafted and boasting the round, tubing design that gives Matrix equipment unrivalled strength and durability, the G3-S22 is ideal for your home gym or commercial fitness studio. Offered with a standard second clear powder coating this machine has a stunning automotive quality finish that will stand up to the rigours of a busy commercial environment.

The 295 lbs. weight stack will engage and challenge your muscles and the sliding increments are easily accessible from the exercise position so your training remains uninterrupted. An Ergo FormTM seat provides comfort whilst also ensuring correct body alignment and support during training. With over 30-years experience in the world of high-end gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this outstanding machine for a fantastic price.

The Matrix Rear Delt / Fly G3-S22 comes with free UK delivery plus a 2-year full commercial, light commercial and home warranty.
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