Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

Door bars and chin up bars - versatile and space efficient

Chin up bars and door bars are space efficient training devices allowing a wide range strength training at home. Training with the own body weight presents an important element of Functional Training, which is based upon the support of the interplay of muscles.

We offer you chin up bars for wall mounting or door bars for mounting on the door frame. Due to those practical placing possibilities, chin up bars and door bars support your muscle building and safe space.

Multi-functional door bars - stability without drilling

Our multi-functional door bars, which can also be used as push-up handles, are very practical. Furthermore, those door bars can be mounted without drilling or screwing. A practical suspension system allows to mount the multi-functional door bar by hanging it up in a door frame.

We recommend to buy fixed screwable chin up bars or chin up system for intensive training sessions whereas additional weights (i.e., a weighted vest) are used.