Concept2 Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Model D With PM4 Monitor

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Key Features:
  • Superb commercial grade exercise machine
  • Variable air-resistance flywheel
  • Self-calibrating electronic performance monitor
  • Flexfoot footboard system
The Concept2 rowing machine is the world's best selling rowing machine and it's easy to see why.

Concept2 rowing machines are robust and have been engineered to provide you with a high-intensity full-body workout year after year.
The Concept 2 is usually purchased by individuals that are serious about fitness, but these premium rowing machines are also suitable for the novice user.

This model comes with the PM4 monitor which will allow you to measure performance and a heart rate monitor belt is included. This model is also compatible with Polar heart rate monitors.

This rowing machine is extremely energy efficient and comes with a rechargeable pack that is charged using energy that is produced by rowing.

The Concept 2 allows for future memory expansion and has features that support wired, and wireless racing for competitive rowing.
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Concept 2
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