Chlorine Tablets

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Key Features:
  • Help keep water refreshed
  • Keeps your water tank in good condition
  • Pack of 10
Maintaining the condition of water inside the water tank of a rowing machine is extremely important.

It is always recommended to use municipal tap water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals to keep it free from algae or bacteria.

By adding a chlorine purification tablet periodically, you will help keep the water refreshed.

Chlorine degrades by exposure to light: this may vary from 6 months in direct sunlight to 2 years in an artificially lit environment. If water discoloration occurs add a purification tablet immediately. If the water does not clear, it is recommended to empty the tank, flushing it out with clean water, and refilling, then adding a purification tablet.

Never use chlorine bleach in the tank as this will irreparably damage a water tank.

The tablets come in a pack of 10.
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