cardiostrong EX80 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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Key Features:
  • Manually Adjustable Stride Lengths
  • 16 Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • 19 Exercise Programs
  • Suitable for Home & Light Commercial Use
  • 120kg Maximum User Weight
cardiostrong now brings you the "little brother" of the EX90 model. Even at a lighter max user weight, the cardiostrong EX80 Elliptical Cross Trainer is still a superb option for a light commercial environment such as a personal training studio, hotel or office gym or anyone looking for a luxury elliptical cross trainer to use at home. If you’re looking for a top of the range model that provides users with a fun, interactive and challenging fitness experience, then look no further.

With over 30-years in the world of gym equipment, Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this innovative piece of gym tech which has just been awarded a performance rating of 92.3% at the recent Euro & ISPO Gold Awards 2016/17 which is one of the world's largest global fitness Expos.

Cross trainers provide a great low-impact workout for the entire body. Whether you want to boost cardio stamina, promote healthy weight loss or strengthen and tone the muscles, the cardiostrong EX80 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the ideal machine to help you get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. Not only do cross trainers target the larger muscles in the legs such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, but they also help tone upper muscle with the pushing and pulling action required when using the elliptical handles. Smaller stabilizing muscles will also be used, which can also help with injury prevention by supporting delicate joints.

One of this models unique features is the manually controlled variable stride length with 5 levels varying between 45.7cm to 65cm (18" to 25.5") can quickly be selected depending on your stride length preference but also by your preference to target specific areas of the leg. With the shorter stride length selected, this will typically suit or be more comfortable for the shorter user and you will be able to focus on hitting the back of the legs which means more muscle activation from the glutes and hamstrings. With the longer stride length selected, this will typically suit or be more comfortable for the taller user but will also work more of the front of the leg by providing more muscle activation in the quadriceps. With all these variable foot positions in mind, not only will the user be able to perform a comprehensive cardiovascular workout, but they will benefit from the added option of being able to target specific leg muscles to increase tone and muscle development.

The heavily constructed solid steel frame is beautifully finished with a matte black powder coating and has a maximum load capacity of 150kg. The oversized footplates with narrow spacing, ensures minimal lateral hip shifting and a reduction in lower back stress.

Equipped with a variety of 19 programmes including 4 heart rate controlled options, you can really optimise your training needs based on your specific goals whether your aim is to burn fat or to improve cardiovascular fitness. The console can also store 4 user profiles so you can keep track of your previous workouts and monitor your progress.

Heart rate feedback can be measured via the hand grip pulse sensors or the wireless heart rate receiver (chest strap sold separately) which will provide an even more accurate reading of the users heart rate therefore providing an even more optimal heart rate controlled workout.

There are also multiple options for hand position so the user can workout just holding the stationary handles or they can include their upper body by using the elliptical handles.

The console also provides superb feedback by constantly displaying your speed, workout duration, distance travelled, calories burned and heart rate display which are all great sources of information to help motivate you through each and every workout.
Display Feedback
Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate Display of exercise profiles via LCD (extra large)
Heart Rate Measurement
Hand grips and receiver
Power Method
Exercise programmes in total: 19: 4 custom, heart rate controlled
RPM-independent resistance control
Stride Length
45 - 65 cm
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 241 reviews
Very good, very quiet
I'm very pleased with the machine so far. It's very quiet, which was my biggest concern since I live in a flat. The action of the machine is very smooth, and there's a large variation in the resistance levels. Assembly wasn't too difficult, but it was time-consuming and required a lot of heavy lifting. The only gripe is with the quality of the display console, but even then it's adequate.

Cardiostrong cross trainer
Super bit of kit , super smooth

Great Trainer
Hard to fault, aimed at the higher end of the market but would not be out of place in a busy commercial gym.

Top Quality
I reccomend the EX80 to anyone looking for a quality cross trainer for their home. So well built and stuffed with great features.

Great product

Great product, it is very solid and has no wobbles or vibrations while in use (I am 80kgs). The motion is very smooth feels the same as using the cross trainers in the gym with nice long strides, being able to adjust the stride is a nice feature as on a shorter stride with a high resistance is very similar motion to a step machine. My only comment is that the machine is very heavy so the delivery men can only deliver to the ground floor.

Wir haben uns das Gerät gekauft, da es ein sehr großen Vorteil gegenüber anderen hat. Nämlich die Schrittlängenverstellung, da meine Frau 1.70 m und ich 1,95m bin, hätten andere Geräte gar nicht gepasst. Die Verarbeitung und die Qualität sind sehr gut, es lässt sich auch sehr schnell selbst aufbauen. Es ist platzsparend und das Training ist sehr angenehm. Wir können wirklich nur empfehlen in eins der Fachgeschäfte zugehen und es einfach mal selbst auszuprobieren. Erst haben wir an ein günstiges Gerät gedacht, aber im nach hinein ,nach guter Beratung, doch lieber mehr Investiert. Da es am Ende auch angenehm sein soll zu trainieren, man nutzt es ja auch sehr oft.(vor es am ende bei eBay landet;-))

Wir haben das Teil selbst aufgebaut, zu zweit kein Problem, Zeitansatz ca. 90 min. Steht stabil, leichtgängig und ermöglicht alle Trainingsarten: gelenkschonend als Reha für meine kaputten Knie und sportlich herausfordernd für das Cardio-Training meinen Mannes. Sehr wertiges Gerät in Studioqualität. Wir kaufen lieber teurer und wissen dann aber auch, dass wir das Teil dann auch langfristig und gerne benutzen, anstatt es als Kleiderständer zu missbrauchen! ;-)

Wir sind total begeistert!!! Wir sind: 1 Rehapatient Partnerin plus Teenager Uns allen gefällt das Gerät sehr, es unterstützt jeden Einzelnen von uns optimal unter Betrachtung der persönlichen Gegebenheiten. Das Training macht mega Spaß! Dieses Gerät war sogar auch eine Empfehlung der Rehaeinrichtung. Verarbeitung ist sehr solide und hochwertig. Der Aufbau wurde seitens Sport Tiedje übernommen, alles lief problemlos. Wir freuen uns auf eine lange tolle erfolgreiche und sportliche Zeit mit unserem neuen \"Mitbewohner\"!!!

Tolle Laufeigenschaft, solide Verarbeitung - wir sind alle begeisteret