Cardiojump Fitness Trampoline

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The cardiojump fitness trampoline is available in three different sizes and helps you get fit at home. Not only does the trampoline look good but it is also equipped with folding legs that allow you to easily store the trampoline.

The cardiojump fitness trampoline scores with excellent training quality and modern design. The trampoline is built with a soft rubber system which provides balanced jumping and is very joint-friendly. The rubber system also provide an additional advantage: you will burn more calories. A light jog on the cardiojump Fitness Trampoline burns up to 25% more calories compared to jogging on the road. With the cardiojump Fitness Trampoline you can reach your goals more effectively.

Safety and workout succes for all ages and fitness goals
The indoor trampoline offers training to all ages, fitness levels and fitness goals. One of it's unique selling points are the foldable legs, which allow easy storage after the workout. The jumping mat is made from an un-rippable material, and even after years of use you won't be able to notice signs of wear.
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Product Reviews

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Brilliant little trampoline
I was a bit skeptic at first as the trampoline seems to be a bit pricey. I stay incorrect - it was worth every penny. The way it folds is SO easy - which is honestly so important. I couldn't be bothered to unfold it for ages before every workout, I think I would just use it less. SO HAPPY I paid the extra bit as this helps me use it regularly.