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Key Features:
  • Everything you need for the ultimate HIIT session
  • Burn calories at a faster rate than ever
  • Strengthen your heart and lungs
  • Improve your stamina and endurance
Package Includes:
Taurus Ultra Trainer
Taurus Row-X Air Rower
Taurus Air Bike Ergo-X

Taurus Air Bike Ergo-X

The new Taurus Ergo-X Air Bike is the ideal workout partner for performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or even gentle cardiovascular workouts, and everything else in between. Whether your goal is a light workout to maintain a healthy life-style or to train with maximum intensity, the Taurus Ergo-X Air Bike is the perfect companion.

Taurus Row-X Air Rower

The New Taurus Row-X Air Rower offers unrivalled function, durability and stability. The indoor rowing market has grown massively in recent years largely due to the ever increasing popularity of functional and cross training and this latest offering from Taurus is a fantastic choice for users of all levels, and facilities of all standards. Whether you wish to perform anything from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to gentle cardiovascular workouts, and everything else in between, the Taurus Row-X Air Rower is the ideal choice.

Taurus Ultra Trainer

The New Taurus Ultra Trainer provides an incredible workout due to its combination of elliptical cross trainer and stepper. The ergonomically designed handlebars allow you to work your upper body muscles, just like an elliptical cross trainer, while the stepper allows you to work your lower body muscles. This compact exercise machine provides everything you need to achieve your targets quickly and effectively, from fat reduction, improvement of cardio and increase in your performance.

Along with the manual programme setting, the Taurus Ultra Trainer features four minute Tabata Interval Training Programmes. Tabata is a High-Intensity-Interval-Training programme that promises enormous training progress in a short time. The Taurus Ultra Trainer offers a hot key for the Tabata programme, in addition to two further interval programmes and several hill programmes. You’ll strengthen your heart and lungs and improve your stamina and endurance – all while destroying those calories at a faster rate than ever. And even after training, the Ultra Trainer helps to lose weight due to the afterburn effect!
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124x38x144cm (LxWxH)
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