BodyMax 36kg Selectabell Dumbbells and Deluxe Stand

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Key Features:
  • Patented Adjustment Mechanism
  • Adjustable from 2kg up to 36kg
  • Replaces 18 pairs of dumbbells
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • High quality storage tray
Powerhouse Fitness are proud to bring you the latest addition to the BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell range. The BodyMax 36kg Selectabell 18-in-1 Dumbbell is without question the most flexible adjustable dumbbell currently available on the market!

Updated and launched for 2019, the BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell has been designed and maufactured with the customer in mind. Our range of package options will appeal to customers of all abilities and levels of training. A market leader in the home fitness industry, the BodyMax 36kg Selectabell 18-in-1 Dumbbell is the best adjustable dumbbell available to enhance your home gym set-up.

With an incredible 18 variations, it can be adjusted in no time at all from 2kg up to 36kg. With a quick adjustment of the safety locks, the patented internal adjustment mechanism engages and the desired weight on the handle can be selected with absolutely no fuss, replacing the need for 18 dumbbells of equivalent weight while ensuring minimal space is required.


1. Release the weight - Straddling either side of this beautifully designed dumbbell, is located a humble button. By applying gentle yet authoritative pressure to these buttons, you will release the locking mechanism and open up the universe of possibilities contained within the BodyMax Selectabell.

2. Select the weight - Once you have unlocked this cave of mysticism, it is time to make your first wish. Guide your hand towards the unbreakable bond which keeps the two heads of the Selectabell together in an eternal embrace. With the easiest of turns, you can select the weight of your choice and prepare for the ride of your life.

3. Secure the weight - Finally, before you take the plunge and begin your exploration into the world of wonders that is the BodyMax Selectabell, one final action is required. Place your hands on either side of the Selectabell and thrust the locking mechanism back into place.

The ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable grip during exercise while the patented locking system is reinforced with nylon and fibre-glass components making it incredibly resilient.

Whether you’re new to excercise and looking to invest in your first piece of gym equipment, or a seasoned athlete wanting to add another weapon to your arsenal – this sleek and adaptable dumbbell is perfect to help you achieve your fitness goals. The Bodymax Selectabell can be used in specific weight training sessions to increase muscle strength, improve definition, and add size to every major muscle group.

The BodyMax Selectabell is also a fantastic addition to circuit or functional training workouts to give further challenges to help maximise your progress. With the option of buying the BodyMax Selectabell as an individual or as part of a pair, you have total control over how you can include this highly versatile piece of equipment in your training programme. If you want your home gym to be the envy of everyone you know, the robust and stylish stand is available to keep your space organised and clutter-free.

Resistance exercise training has a massive range of benefits for everyone! This can be anything where you’re putting your muscles under stress (lifting weights, using resistance bands, performing bodyweight exercises like push-ups or pull-ups). No matter whether you want to get a little bit healthier or you’ve got your eyes set on competitive weight lifting, resistance exercise will help! Resistance training has many benefits to the whole body, including:

  • Improved muscular strength, power, and endurance

  • Increased muscular tone

  • Development of good posture

  • Aids in the improvement of bone density
BodyMax Deluxe Selectabell Stand
Dimensions Open
60x60x75cm (LxWxH)
BodyMax 36kg Selectabell 18-in-1 Dumbbell
Dimensions Open
54x22x24cm (LxWxH)
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 15 reviews
Bodymax 36kg Selectabell
I was a bit hesitant about buying these as they’re so much cheaper as all the others out there. I didn’t need to worry as they’re awesome. I should have bought them ages ago!

Massively impressed
This has been a perfect addition to my little home gym. The space I would have lost so I could have this selection of weights, would have left me with no space for more dynamic workouts. It is a solid piece of work, simple and easy to use. Definetly recommending it.

Compact Dumbbell Kit
Great dumbbell kit with a huge range and easy select mechanism. Great for doing super-sets and look really good. Would recommend the stand to make it easier to pick up.

Strong & Compact
I haven't much space in my home gym and couldn't fit a full set of fixed dumbbells, these were the perfect solution. Very convenient, compact and strong.

Quick postage and great product
Very ideal for saving space as well as getting alot of different workouts out of, would recommend

36kg Dumbbells
These are by far the best selectorized dumbbells I have used. Very smooth and easy to adjust, and the range of weights from 2kg to 36kg is great. Would recommend getting the stand with them so no need to bend down to pick them up.

These are perfect as I have 2 hands. The variable weight allows me to increase the dumbbells to a heavier weight instead of having to lift additional objects.

Really easy to use and they are a real space saver. I would suggest these to anyone into home fitness.

Easy to use.
These are ideal for home. Save lots of space and extremely easy to use. Would recommend

Selectabells Dumbells
Best weights I've ever bought! Saves so much space and the stand comes in really useful to store them on. LOVE!