BodyMax Zenith PM122 Commercial Flat/Incline Bench

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Key Features:
  • Full commercial use
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Adjustable seat and back pads
  • Handle and transport wheels for easy movement
The BodyMax Zenith PM122 bench is an excellent choice for home gyms, commercial gyms and fitness studios offering adjustable flat to incline positions for a huge variety of exercises. Its heavy-duty construction and beautifully crafted design will compliment any fitness space!

The BodyMax Zenith PM122 Commercial Flat/Incline Bench comes with built-in rear transport wheels and an ergonomic and comfortable handle below the seat. These features allow you to move it around your fitness space without effort. The convenient positioning of the handle makes it perfectly convenient to move around without getting in the way of any exercises.

The backrest of BodyMax Zenith PM122 bench can adjust forming either a flat bench or 4 different incline bench positions. Using the bench at different angles encourages varied muscle engagement, so you work all areas of the muscle to create a more defined and sculpted look.

The back rest adjustability system contains a comfortable handle so the adjustments are quick, easy and secure to ensure you’re not wasting your workout time on it. The seat can also be adjusted into two different positions for maximum comfort.

Made of robust high-quality materials to provide you with maximum stability and support in your exercises. The bench weights 35kg and the maximum user weight reaches 275kg! Thanks to its heavy-duty construction this product comes with a 1 year full commercial warranty so aside from your own home gym set-up it’s an excellent choice for gyms and fitness studios..

There’s plenty of exercises you can do using only the BodyMax Zenith PM122 Bench and your own body weight. Those exercises vary from cardio workout to strength trainings and you can combine a few of them to create the whole-body workout with no additional equipment. Here are some examples of what you can do!

Cardiovascular Exercises: bench hop overs, mountain climbers, decline jack planks
Upper Body Muscles: dips, incline push ups, decline push ups
Lower body Muscles: mountain climbers, bench hop overs, Bulgarian split squat
Core Muscles: Bench leg lifts, decline jack planks, bench v-sit crunches, dragon flag

The perfect companions for this bench include, but not limited to; BodyMax Zenith Line Functional Training Rig and Functional Training Power Racks. The bench can also be used for barbell and dumbbell work to increase the variety of exercises you can perform. This way you can use heavier resistance as you progress in your fitness journey! Strength workout will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently while improving your endurance.

It will help you get leaner, stronger and will increase your muscle mass. Some of the other resistance training benefits include improved muscle strength and tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing fat. It’s an excellent choice whether your fitness goal is weight loss or muscle gain. Here are some great barbell and dumbbell flat/incline bench exercises you will gain amazing benefits from!

Flat bench barbell exercises: bench press, close grip bench press, EZ Curl Bar Tricep Extension, barbell skull crusher
Incline bench barbell exercises: incline bench press, incline close grip bench press, incline bench barbell row, EZ bar incline tricep extension
Flat bench dumbbell exercises: flat bench dumbbell fly, flat bench dumbbell chest press, dumbbell tricep extension, dumbbell crush press, dumbbell row
Incline bench dumbbell exercises: incline dumbbell fly, incline bench tricep kickback, incline bench dumbbell curl, incline bench dumbbell press, incline bench dumbbell front raise
Bodymax Zenith
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
137x78x46cm (LxWxH)

Warranty conditions for BodyMax Zenith PM122 Commercial Flat/Incline Bench

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
Great bench, even better service
Managed to mess up my order but after great assistance (thanks Farhan) everything arrived in perfect condition and it's a great multi-function bench, really stable even under 100k bodyweight (my partner) and 100k on the bar. Easy to wheel about fairly tight spaces when you need to move it. I also got the Bodycraft leg attachment for this bench which is really good quality and functions sturdy and smooth for leg extension and hamstring curl. It all goes really well inside my Bodycraft F430 power rack (and pulley attachment) which is probably the best bit of home kit you will ever need. Powerhouse Fitness online and their stores have sorted me some really great kit over the years despite me being a hassle sometimes - cheers again Farhan

Quality bench. Very heavy duty
Great bench at a great price. For this price you are getting a bench of amazing quality which you will never be able to break. This is very very heavy duty and would probably be far more than most people would need. Definitely commercial quality and cannot be compared to the cheaper benches. Highly recommended if you lift big and want confidence in your kit!

Amazing bench
This is a seriously heavy duty bench. I have used other benches in my home gym but wanted one that gave me the confidence of a commercial bench (but without the commercial price tag). I used this at a friend's gym and new I had to get one. Amazing quality for the price. Highly recommend.

Great, solid bench
Really happy with this bench, extremely solid and sturdy. Never feel any concern with this taking the weight and strain of heavy weight use. Highly recommend

Highly recommended
Excellent quality and service especially from manager Nick and staff at Glasgow Stockwell Street branch.