BodyMax GHD Zenith CF620 Glute Hamstring Developer Bench

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Key Features:
  • Glute and Hamstring Exercises
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustble Pads, Forward, Back, Up and Down
  • Full Commercial Use
  • GHD Bench
GHD Glute and Hamstring Developer Bench by BodyMax

Engage your glutes and hamstrings with the outstanding CF620 GHD Glute and Hamstring Developer. This beautifully designed bench from fitness giants BodyMax boasts heavy-duty construction as well as comfortable pads that adjust both vertically and horizontally. Suitable for your home gym as well as for commercial use, this stunning apparatus is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone serious about getting in shape.

What’s so special about the hamstrings and glutes? The hamstrings are extremely important muscles that help with explosive movement, agility and speed so are particularly important for cyclists, sprinters, runners, footballers, swimmers and a wide variety of other athletes. Strong hamstrings also help with injury prevention as they take pressure away from the delicate knee joint. They also help to stabilize the hips and keep your spine in correct alignment so your posture remains strong and stable.

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body. Strong glutes provide power and strength for walking, running, jumping, cycling and weight-lifting. As your glutes increase in strength, the further you’ll be able to run, cycle and jump, and the more you’ll be able to lift. They also help to keep the spine in alignment and assist with injury prevention.

With over 30-years experience in the world of gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this fabulous Glute and Hamstring Developer Bench for a truly fantastic price. Don’t ignore these essential muscles - order today!

The BodyMax Zenith Line CF620 GHD Glute and Hamstring Developer comes with free UK delivery plus a 1-year home warranty.
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
168x74x120cm (LxWxH)
No. of Months Warranty
Warranty Type
Full Commercial|Home|Light Commercial
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews
the ghd you get is not the one in the picture and it also take a an hour or so to put together after understanding the very poor instructions , a tip make sure you put the bench together font and back then tighten as it moves out off line , but the finish on the parts is very poor ie the powder coating .


Good solid equipment easy to assemble

Zenith GHD bench
Once again, excellent customer service from Powerhouse Fitness. Great product

GHD Machine
This is an excellent product with the same build quality as more expensive versions of the same item. It was handled and delivered very quickly. Would highly recommend both the GHD machine in this website.

Strong and easy to use
Great bit of kit, easy to assemble and very strong. Good value!

Thank you Very Much for your Great Product !!! Since I started to do Nordic Curl and Weighted Hyperextensions on your Bodymax Zenith Line CF620 GHD Glute and Hamstring Developer Bench, my Hex Bar Deadlift it went up from 21 rep with 233 kilo ( + band around my knees to Activate Gluteus even more ) to 21 rep with 238/247 kilo ( bar + chains and rubber band around my knees ) After Only 3 proper workouts on your Glute and Hamstring Developer !!! My Students and Clients they Love it too !!! Highly Recommended product for All levels from beginners to professionals.