BodyMax TT3500 Total Body Trainer

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Key Features:
  • Perform more than 50 exercises
  • Folds easily for storage
  • 11 Resistance levels (excluding additional plates)
  • Lift from 4% up to 69% of bodyweight
The BodyMax TT3500 Total Trainer is the ultimate total home-gym body weight trainer!

With over 50 exercises to challenge the whole body and any level of experience, get that natural feel that bulky cable machines lose.

The resistance is based on a ratio of your body weight depending on the height selected or add extra weight to the included power pack to pump up those larger muscle group exercises like squats or bench press.

When you are done with your workout, the BodyMax Total Trainer simply folds away to a super compact size and moves into position easily on the built-in transport wheels. 98% assembled in the box when you receive it, this gym is ready to go in minutes!


The BodyMax TT3500 Total Trainer is fully assembled in the box it is delivered in.

Simply, untie the pulley ropes, follow the instruction manual carefully to unfold the machine and away you go – the only assembly required is 3 screws to assemble the hack squat board.

Typically, full home multi-gyms are very large and cumbersome. They can take up to a full day to assemble following detailed instruction and many customers will require delivery and an installation expert to build these types of products from their packaging. This is where the TT3500 shines in reducing the time and hassle spent compared to other machines.


Folding away for easy storage is another huge factor in the design of the trainer. Remove all the attachments from your trainer and from there all you need to do is hold the resistance ladder with one hand, release and pull the spring-loaded pop pin with your other hand, lean the resistance ladder forward and lift the central handle up.

As you lift it, travel forward with the machine using the built-in transport wheels and when you reach the fully upright position, simply push down the central handle to lock it in place. Now you can move and even store it away in a cupboard or a place out of your way. Much easier than having a large home multi-gym that takes up a room full of space and is unmovable.


There are many incremental resistance levels on the TT3500, with 11 levels in total.

You can adjust the resistance from 4%-69% of your body weight. Keeping in mind that some exercises and pulley angles create more resistance as they coming from different angles so it feels considerably higher.

For instance, a fit male who has worked out regularly will be challenged to perform a bench-press with the resistance set on half. Fully fit people will not require the resistance levels to go much over half on most exercises to obtain a very challenging strength exercise.

The trainer allows you to perform 64 different exercises as if you were in a complete Gymnasium. These exercises are able to be performed with a very smooth and natural motion. It is just like using free weights.



The Glide Board is made from commercial quality high density cushion and is large enough to accommodate a user up to 6’7”. There is a patented design with pulley attachment points on both sides of the board. This allows the user to change the angle line of pulleys so you can work in both sitting or lying down positions. Dimensions: 35.5cm x 117cm.


Hard wearing polymer rollers with built in ball bearings delivers a reliable and smooth glide board motion.


Chrome guide rails are much more hard wearing than painted rails. Painted rails can wear or chip causing bumps and inconsistencies in the glide motion.


Quality upholstery is double stitched and high-density cushion keeps the glide board in good condition for long term use.


The pulley system can be attached in 2 positions on the TT3500 Total Trainer. You can attach to the top of the machine on the resistance ladder and also attach to the glide board. This changes the where the point of resistance comes from so you can match the exercise you are performing.


The Total Trainer has 2 built in wheels. When you fold up the Total Trainer, lean it back and the machine will roll across the floor surface to a storage position.


  • Strongly built to accommodate a user up to 130kg

  • Accommodates users up to 6’7”


-BodyMax TT3500 Total Trainer
-Power Pack Bar to add additional weight
-Pull Up and Shoulder Press Bar
-Hack Squat board
-Twin handle rope system
-Leg Cuff & Pulley Assembly
-A variety of exercise program cards to help you on your way
-Full instruction manual
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
240x52x125cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions Folded
36x52x127cm (LxWxH)

Warranty conditions for BodyMax TT3500 Total Body Trainer

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews
Its a perfect home gym machine for a full body workout, love it!

Easy fold
Great machine with endless training possibilities. Also easy to fold and assemble.

Variety of Options
Variety of exercise optionss are possible and can also be quickly folded to a decent size when you want to have your living room free again.

Sturdy bit of kit, so much you can do on it so good all round option for a home gym for me.

good quality
good quality machine! lots of exercises I use it for.

Great Whole Body Workout
A very good product to work the whole body. Good quality and small enough to use at home.

Excellent product, great value for money. Highly recommend.

Easy to store away
I live in a studio flat and with lockdown I had no means of working out. This total trainer really enabled me to maintain my fitness level and not impacting my space in my living room as I'm able to pack them away.

Value for money
After my personal trainer listing me items to create my home gym, I can not fault Powerhouse Fitness as a company. Very robust and high quality for the price. Not only was it fast delivery but it is helping me reach the results I want in the comfort of my own home.