BodyMax T40 Compact Folding Treadmill

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Key Features:
  • Up to 16km/h
  • 12 Levels of Incline
  • 36 On-board Workout Programmes
  • 125 x 42cm Running/Walking Area
  • 100kg Maximum User Weight
Start your fitness journey with the BodyMax T40 ACTIVATE Compact Folding Treadmill which offers incredible value, style and performance! With modern minimalist design, it offers not only a wonderful looking machine, but it has plenty of features to ensure you stay engaged and focused on achieving the best from your workouts.

Folding Treadmills are a hugely popular choice of home training equipment, providing incredible convenience when you just can't get outside for a run, or even a brisk walk. The Bodymax T40 ACTIVATE Compact Folding Treadmill is a fantastic home fitness product which requires only a reasonable amount of space while also being easily manoeuvred in to place for use. Home treadmills provide an excellent form of exercise and benefits include: -

-Increased Calorie Burning
-Overall improvements in general fitness
-Improved muscle tone
-Less impact on joints than from running outside

Compact Design
When the BodyMax T40 Treadmill is folded it takes up less than a square meter of floor space with folded-dimensions of only 100 x 70 x 139cm (L x W x H). It is fitted with a set of transport wheels so you can wheel it out to your favourite position for use.

6-Piece Elastomer Cushioning System
Maximise your comfort and reduce the impact on your joints with 6-point deck cushioning. The cushioning system absorbs impact during your training and is more forgiving on joints safer so you can train harder and longer.

12 Levels of Motorized Incline
Unlike many other compact treadmills, the BodyMax T40 boasts 12 levels of motorized incline. This means you can effectively work your cardio system, calves, hamstrings and glutes. The incline also enables a greater range of workouts such as hill climbing and interval training. Keeping your workouts varied is a great way to keep you motivated and training towards your goals.

Accessories Tray
The generously sized accessories tray houses an essential water bottle holder as well as a device ledge for your personal tablet or phone so you have access to all your workout entertainment conveniently close to you, as well as additional space for other items you may wish to have on hand.

Easy Speed & Incline Adjustments
For increased safety and efficiency, the BodyMax T40 Compact Folding Treadmill features convenient handlebar speed & incline adjustment buttons. You can quickly adjust your speed or incline setting without looking down with a quick tap of the handlebar adjustment keys. At the base of the console, the treadmill also has a control bar which also has speed & incline adjustment buttons with pre-set speed and incline options to allow even more convenience for users.

Hand-Grip Pulse & BMI Sensors
The heart rate sensors allow you to monitor your heart rate and BMI easily. Grab hold of the side handrails with hand-grip pulse sensors and within a few seconds, you'll be able to see your heart rate during your training.

42 x 125cm Running Area
The BodyMax T40 Compact Folding Treadmill offers a genuinely usable workout area. While not suitable for high-performance training, this is a fantastic workout area for those looking to improve their fitness from the comfort of their own home.

Emergency Stop Cord
The emergency stop cord allows you to focus on your training safe in the knowledge you can stop the folding treadmill instantly in the event of a distraction or problem.

Easy Assembly & Folding with Soft Drop
The BodyMax T40 Compact Folding Treadmill comes with minimal assembly required. Out of the box, it is ready to go after following just 4 easy assembly steps. This treadmill has a hydraulic air cylinder to make it easier to open and close providing additional safety as it will not drop on the floor when opening while also making it very easy to lift in to its folded position.

16km/h Top Speed
While not a high performance treadmill, a 16km/h top speed ensures that this folding treadmill packs a great punch for its size. Jogging and speed walking are the ideal forms of exercise to perform on the BodyMax T40 ACTIVATE Compact Folding Treadmill. Combine this speed capability with the motorized incline to ensure a truly effective compact treadmill.

3 LED Digital Display Windows with 36 Programs
Featuring 3 LED windows, the T40 console has an easy to read digital display that tracks the key metrics of Distance, Incline, Time, Calories, Speed, and Heart Rate. The computer features 36 pre-programmed workouts that take advantage of the motorized incline. The user defined program allows you to create a bespoke routine perfectly aligned with your fitness goals.

1.75HP Motor
The BodyMax T40 ACTIVATE Compact Folding Treadmill has a 1.75HP motor, further demonstrating that this fold away treadmill is no gimmick. This high grade motor will help this machine keep going as long as you do!

Home Warranty - 2 years parts, 1 year labour
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
151x70x132cm (LxWxH)
Console Display
3 LED Windows
Cushioning Type
6-Piece Elastomer Cushioning
Display Feedback
Distance, Incline, Time, Calories, Speed, Heart Rate
Motor Power
Heart Rate Measurement
Incline (%)
Speed Range
Power Method
36 pre-set programm + 3 user's manual and 1 manual
Running Area
125 x 42 cm
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 10 reviews
Bodymax T40 treadmill
Wanted a good treadmill for around the £300 mark and this was the best i could find that was good quality great buy would recommend

Nice compact treadmill
A great little treadmill perfect for those where space is limited. Still able to walk and run nice easy to use console and feature keys.

BodyMax T40
Great treadmill for under 400 pounds. Sturdy wee thing. Great value. Fits in my cupboard no bother. Been using every week doing my 5K since a bought it. Highly recommend.

Easy to build - good quality
Fantastic value for money - fast delivery and easy to assemble

T40 Treadmill
Very easy to build, Space saving design which is brilliant because it does'nt take up to much room in my home. Also the price is perfect for home beginners just like myself

great treadmill for the price and can fit any were was very happy to be able to get a treadmill for my small flat

Good value for money
A great piece of equipment for what I wanted to spend. I would recommend this treadmill for newbies like myself

Small, compact unit perfect for my lounge!

T40 Treadmill;
Great litte treadmill, small footprint, takes up minimal room, and perfect speed!

Good product
Very impressive treadmill with a variety of programs, compact and ideal for saving space. would recommend.