BodyMax T100 HRC Folding Motorized Treadmill

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BodyMax T100 HRC Folding Motorized Treadmill
13 Reviews
RRP £1,499.00 NOW £1,199.00
Key Features:
  • 2.5hp DC Motor
  • 7" LCD Display Console
  • 0-15% Incline Adjustment
  • 36 On-board Workout Programmes
  • MP3 Device Compatibility & Built-in Speakers

Take your body even further with the BodyMax T100 HRC Treadmill which offers incredible performance and outstanding value. Beautifully designed and engineered, it offers not only a wonderful looking machine, but its packed with features to ensure you stay engaged and focused on achieving the best from your workouts.

Product Details


The BodyMax T100 Treadmill has been designed with you in mind, meeting the needs of users of all levels from those who wish to take a nice walk in the comfort of their own home right through to runners who want to get the most out of training indoors.

Easily keep track of your workouts with the 7" blue LCD display. The console allows you to monitor your distance, calories, time, incline/pulse, and speed. The easy to use, intuitive design lets you select any of the preset programmes or design your own workouts at the touch of a button.

Only do the training you want to do to reach your goals. With 36 intelligently designed preset programmes, you will never be unsure of what to do in your next workout. Simply select the programme which will help you achieve your fitness goals and let the T100 do the rest.

You can also plug your MP3 device into the console sound system to stay motivated with your workout playlists. You can even check out some of our own Powerhouse Fitness Playlists on your device via Spotify. Ditch your earphones as well, as the T100 features 2 built-in speakers that offer a clear, quality sound.

The T100 also features an integrated tablet holder that allows you to enjoy other media such as your favourite TV shows, movies or stay up to date with your social media. Tablet not included.

At the touch of a button you are able to adjust your speed & incline as well as being able to start and stop the treadmill.


If you’re short on space or simply don’t want your treadmill to be out all the time, the BodyMax T100 is the ideal treadmill for you! The T100 is easily foldable making it quick and efficient to place into storage when not in use.

Simply lift the deck to an upright position until the safety cylinder locks the treadmill into position. Once folded, the treadmill can be easily moved using the dedicated transport wheels.

Keep all your workout necessities close at hand with two convenient accessory trays stationed at either side of the treadmill.

Get the best out of your workouts with expertly designed internal and external cushioning. 6 elastic cushions on the inside and 2 further cushions on the outside to ensure protection of your joints when you’re completing your workouts. You can be confident that you can train effectively with the 2.5hp DC motor. Built to be strong, efficient, and durable, you can be assured that you will be able to complete your workouts for years to come.


Stay in your target heart rate zone for your goals. Simply place your hands on the heart rate readers on the handles for quick and accurate assessment of your current heart rate.The T100 can automatically adjust to keep you within your target heart rate, allowing you to focus on your workout. Medical professionals throughout the world use body mass index (BMI) to assess your risk of diseases and disorders. You can keep track of your own BMI using the integrated body fat function. At the touch of a button you can see a display of your BMI to help keep you motivated and on track towards your goals!

The belt is engineered to reduce noise and friction for a quieter workout and longer lasting product. It's stretch resistant and designed to stay centred on the deck.

The adjustable incline of the T100 is ideal for people who want to take their fitness training up a notch by increasing gradients. With the touch of a button, you can quickly raise your incline up to 12 percent to burn more calories and add variety to your training. This makes the T100 ideal for HIIT training, hill sprints, and uphill walking.

Get the best out of your workouts with expertly designed internal and external cushioning. 6 elastic cushions on the inside and 2 further cushions on the outside to ensure protection of your joints when you’re completing your workouts.

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 13 reviews
Lovely addition
Easy to use, sturdy enough for an average size bloke to use daily. worth every penny and it does exactly what I need. I would go as far as to recommend this for 3 regular users.

perfect home treadmill
Great Treadmill, very sturdy and smooth. Easy to fold and has option to connect to Kino Maps which is a great App to enhance your training.

great product!
the treadmill's easy to use and has plenty of programs to choose from, it folds up really easy as well. Would recommend it!

Great treadmill!
I love this treadmill! I would highly recommended this to anyone looking for a nice home uses treadmill.

New Treadmill
I bought this treadmill as I was recommended it in store. It has been a joy to use since I had it installed. Nice and simple as promised.

Great value for money
I wasn't looking for a commercial treadmill that costs thousands, this treadmill was perfect. It's strong and does what it says on the tin. I highly recommend this for this price range.

better than running on the spot
Its better than running on the spot. I've used a lot of treadmills and this is better than both.

T100 Treadmill
Really enjoy using this treadmill. I weigh over 90kg and this treadmill feels very sturdy when I run on it. Love that it folds up so I can make some more space when not using it. Overall great value for money, would definitely recommend.

Highly Recommend
Brilliant product, easy to use and very sturdy.

fantasic treadmill. Very simple and effective to use. Best purchse i ever made