BodyMax Suspension Trainer Mount

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Key Features:
  • Comes with a moutingset
  • Space efficient
  • Easy to attach
  • Very durable and reliable
The BodyMax Suspension Trainer Mount is a sturdy wall or ceiling anchor point for the suspension trainer.

With this durable wall/ceiling mount in combination with the BodyMax Suspension Trainer you can create a professional training station almost everywhere.

A suspension workout is becoming extremely popular with athletes, professionals and home users for a full body workout using many different equipment and accessories.

Suspension Training offers a type of training which is a fast and effective workout which can be used for individual or group training. A suspension workout is resistance training in which you can combine power and flexibility for a full body workout, allowing you to be creative when creating your own workout or circuit training.

For this highly effective workout you need to attach your suspension trainer to a wall anchor. This is where the Bodymax Suspension Trainer Mount comes in. This highly durable wall mount will allow you to have your full body work-out at a low cost.

Easily place it to the ceiling or wall to allow you to hang your suspension trainer, battle ropes, resistance bands and gym rings. The durable steel plate has a diameter of 4.7 inch and can easily be attached to walls, beams or ceilings.


Suspension Training is a body weight exercise which has become extremely popular with athletes, personal trainers and home users to help develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. There is a variety of exercises which can be performed with a suspension trainer including: -

• Hip Raises
• Lunges
• Push ups
• Variety of core exercises
• Variety of Squats
• Inverted Row

The exercises listed are just a few examples of the many varieties of exercises you can do with a suspension trainer, the options are endless. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout by simply moving your body to alter the resistance.


If you do not have space for large equipment, a suspension trainer is the perfect addition to your workout. Taking up very little space, you have an endless amount of exercises for a very small price. To complete these exercises on your suspension trainer you need a mount and the BodyMax wall mount is the perfect item for it.

*Max load weight - 150kg
Maximum User Weight

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Brilliant quality and the service was great, would recommend.

great mount, durable and sturdy and just what I needed

Bought this when I bought the suspension trainer so I can also train indoors when the weather's not great. Really sturdy and easy to assemble.