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BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell Pair 5kg - 32.5kg (11lb-71lb)

This product is currently not available
Key Features:
  • 12 different weights in one dumbbell
  • 5Kg to 32.5Kg (11-71.5lb) maximum weight on each dumbbell
  • Easy to use - Simply rotate the dial and lift
  • Robust design and build quality
  • The UK's best selling adjustable dumbbell

The phenomenal dumbbell set everyone is raving about! Yes, fitness giants BodyMax have done it again with their cleverly designed and beautifully crafted Selectabell Dumbbell Pair. Just one look and it’s easy to see why the Selectabell has quickly become the UK’s best selling adjustable dumbbell. It doesn’t matter how small your gym space is, you can now enjoy a full range of weights with this ingenious set.

Product Details

Easily Selectable Weights

The BodyMax Selectabells are easily adjusted from 5kg to a whopping 32.5kg!

Simply move the dial the your selected resistance and lift the dumbbell.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to weight training or a seasoned athlete you can achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively with these robust and stylish weights. Versatile and fun to use dumbbells can be used on a weight bench, stability ball, Bosu ball or on the floor to increase muscle strength and add definition to all the major muscle groups including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pecs, lats, core abs, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Ultimate Space Saver

Having a tidy and organized training environment means it is easier to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals. It also reduces the risk of equipment getting damaged, while also preventing the possibility of injury from tripping over scattered weights.

The metallic silver finish is eye catching and durable, like all BodyMax products this stand has been built to last!

Adaptable and Durable

When used in conjunction with an intense cardio-specific program such as Circuits or Crossfit, these stunning Selectabells can also help increase muscular endurance, boost cardio stamina and promote steady, healthy weight loss.

They offer a complete workout for the body like no other piece of equipment. Cost effective, space saving and practical these exceptional dumbbells are easy to use; simply rotate the dial and lift the weight off. With increments of 2.5kg you can always find the correct weight for your exercise program.

The BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbell Pair come with free UK delivery plus a 1-year home warranty.


Resistance exercise training has a massive range of benefits for everyone! This can be anything where you’re putting your muscles under stress (lifting weights, using resistance bands, performing bodyweight exercises like push-ups or pull-ups). No matter whether you want to get a little bit healthier or you’ve got your eyes set on competitive weight lifting, resistance exercise will help! Resistance training has many benefits to the whole body, including: -

  • Improved muscular strength, power, and endurance

  • Increased muscular tone

  • Development of good posture

  • Aids in the improvement of bone density

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 165 reviews
Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Pair 5kg - 32.5kg (11lb-71lb),
Brilliant work out husband loves it! So compact and more cluttered garage! Highly recommended.

Bodymax selectable dumbbells
A brilliant piece of kit and a great solution for a home gym where space is limited.

Great product
Would definitely recommend to gym buddies

Great for casual users
These were a great option for my home gym but had to replace them after thr disks stop holding the weights making them extremely dangerous. I do use them 5 days a week and it took 24 months and 18 months for the dumbell to give out on me. If you are a casual user then they will be fine though. If you want to use more often go for ironmasters or select regular dumbell and pay for a full set.

Really useful kit
Bought to help enable home workouts, the weights are well made and sturdy. There can be done dramas fitting it back into the stand when fatigued and lifting 30kg. the 2.5kg disc at the end easily moves

Compact and efficient
Great range of weights in a compact form, which is ideal for my home gym.

Bodymax dumbells
Had these a few weeks and must say the build quality and ease of adjustment are excellent. Comfortable handle really can’t fault them for the price


Amazing product
Amazing product

Wouldn't choose any different
Best dumbbell set could ask for easy to switch weights