BodyMax SB500 Weight Bench & 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells

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Key Features:
  • Multi purpose bench, adjustable from flat to incline, as well as doubling up as a plyo box
  • Space saving design, the bench can hold 2 x Selectabells as well as having easy to reach storage (front and back)
  • Solid and sturdy, the bench has a 300kg weight capacity
  • The handle means the bench is easy to move and doubles up as a battle rope anchor
  • The 15-in-1 selectabell dumbbells change weight in a matter of seconds, and are neatly stored within the bench
Whether you're a home workout enthusiast or taking the first steps on your fitness journey, this strength package featuring 25kg BodyMax Selectabell Dumbbells and BodyMax Selectabell SB500 Weight Bench will help you take your workouts to the next level while using minimal space in your home.



The BodyMax 25kg Selectabell 15-in-1 Dumbbells V2.0 gives you the flexibility of multiple dumbbell sizes in a pair of easily adjustable dumbbells.

The ingeniously simple selection mechanism allows you to cycle through from 4.5kg to 25kg in seconds.

With a quick adjustment of the safety locks, the patented internal adjustment mechanism engages and the desired weight on the handle can be selected with absolutely no fuss, replacing the need for several dumbbells of equivalent weight while ensuring minimal space is required.

The ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable grip during exercise while the patented locking system is reinforced with nylon and fibre-glass components making it incredibly resilient.



The BodyMax Selectabell SB500 Weight Bench has the unique function of being a storage solution for the BodyMax V2 22.5kg or 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells. The multi-purpose benefits of the BodyMax SB500 guarantee a vast range of possible exercise variations, making it a superb investment for users of all fitness levels.

The bench has been built to last, with a durable powder coated frame finish, giving it a stylish finish, that would suit any home gym setup, made of robust high-quality materials to provide you with maximum stability and support in your exercises.

The bench weighs 36kg and the maximum user weight reaches 300kg.

It's finished with heavy-duty PVC upholstery, ensuring you are not only comfortable when working out but the fabric is extremely easy to wipe down before or after use.

Not only can the bench be used with your Selectabells, it’s suitable to be incorporated into your full-body or circuit training workouts. The bench is robust and means it could be used to tie resistance bands or battle ropes round, giving you a solid base to work from.



Dumbbells in particular can be used in specific weight training sessions to increase muscle strength, improve definition, and add size to every major muscle group.

Both the 22.5kg and 25kg Selectabells that are compatible with this bench (for storage) are a fantastic addition to circuit or functional training workouts to provide further challenges and variety that will help maximise your progress.

The SB500 can also be used as a general workout bench to lift weights, kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls and much more! The storage compartments at the front and back allows you to keep your floor space clear and tidy, minimizing the risk of damage to your equipment and keeping it all in the one place.

Seamlessly manoeuvre through 4 backrest incline positions to target all major upper body muscle groups and add exercise variations. Using the bench at different angles encourages varied muscle engagement, so you work all areas of the muscle to create a more defined and sculpted look



This heavy duty multi-function workout bench has front & rear accessory storage compartments that allow you to store your selectabells out of the way and keep your fitness necessities close at hand.

The BodyMax 25kg Selectabell 15-in-1 Dumbbells give the versatility of 15 pairs of dumbbells while eliminating the need for multiple pairs.

The SB500 weight bench has transport wheels and a handle so it can be easily moved and placed in storage when not in use.

In addition, the SB500 is ready to use straight out of the box - meaning no assembly is required!



The SB500 can be used as a weight bench and as a plyo box. Here are just a few of the exercises you can try with the selectabell dumbbells and the SB500 weight bench.

  • Bench press

  • Single arm row

  • Shoulder press

  • Incline front raises

  • Bulgarian split squat

  • Incline bicep curl

  • Box squat

  • Box jump over

  • Burpee box jump

BodyMax Selectabell SB500 Weight Bench
Dimensions Open
140x40x45cm (LxWxH)
BodyMax V2.0 25kg Selectabell 15-in-1 Single Dumbbell

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 23 reviews
Glad I waited!
Had my eye on benches like this for a few years but never got round to pulling the trigger as felt that nothing out there quite ticked all the boxes for my home training needs. Came across this and was very excited as its lighter than comparable products and using the Selectabells with it also gives way more dumbbell weight options than anything else out there where the heaviest option I think I've ever see has been 16kg. Ok I'm not a weightlifter but 16kg just isn't enough for some exercises, even if doing a circuit-style workout. This is a real winner for me, highly recommend. A+

5 STAR bench, 2 STAR delvery
Superb bench and well worth the 5 stars but pretty poor deliveery service, guy just showed up without warning, fortunately I was just pulling up as he was chapping my door. Very happy with the bench though, its better than expected and is easier to move about even though I have the 22.5kg dumbeels on it. Ofcourse, you could always just take the dumbells off before moving it then just put them back on :-)

Selectabell Weight Bench
Fantastic sturdy bench with plenty of storage space. If you don't have a lot of space this bench is a great option

So handy!!
Such a fab piece of kit for my home gym - living in a flat im short on space so the selectabells are one thing but having a handy storage place for them paired with a bench makes it even better 5* love it!

Selectabells Bench
I dont normally do reviews, but this was well worth the extra 5 minutes out of my day. I received my Selectabell Bench and I was impressed from the moment it arrived. It came fully assembled and this wasn't a surprise as it says so in the description but I#ve had a few dramas building benches before and can't stress enough how good it is to not have the inconvenience of having to build something, I've had a few dramas with Ikea furniture in the past! :-) OK - back to the bench. This is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made! To incorporate the selectabell dumbbell storage in the bench design is so handy and the front and back "cubby holes" for other bits and bobs is a great idea too. It is built incredibly well and feels super sturdy. I now have a complete home gym and finally my gym space in my home is clutter free thanks to this amazing product! Highly recommend if you are like me and workout at home!

Brilliant equipment!
Really happy with my purchase, quality is fantastic. Would highly recommend

Excellent dumbbell!
Could not recommend enough! This dumbbell is brilliant, quality is superb and just overall way more efficient and cheaper than buying multiple dumbbells

Superb dumbbell
Could not recommend enough, absolutely fantastic product. Way more efficient than having a lot of different single weights.

Quality is brilliant. Amazing product definitely recommend.

Superb quality, would recommend.