BodyMax Pro Triceps Press Down Bar Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Solid steel construction
  • Highest quality welds for strength and safety
  • Textured rubber grips
  • Large eyelet even for the biggest caribeners
  • Circular base plates to prevent loss of control
The tricep pushdown may be one of the best exercises for tricep development. The BodyMax Pro Tricep Press Down Bar is engineered to provide continuous, steady resistance through a full range of motion.

Featuring a dual handle, V-shaped design with knurl-textured rubber grip options for improved control and comfort. Due to the ‘V’ shaped design, this attachment allows the user to keep their elbows in a fixed position close to their body which allows them to fully isolate the triceps through both a shortened and lengthened range.

Moreover, because of the rotating eyelet you’re not only limited to doing this movement upright, however you can perform overhead tricep extensions with no issues nor pressure at the wrist joint.

The attachment features a solid steel frame, with texturized rubber grips and knurling. The steel frame makes the attachment very sturdy and able to withstand a maximum load of 133kg, making it long lasting.

The knurling throughout also helps with the users grip, adding texture to the bar allows for better traction, this is further improved with the rubber stoppers – this also prevents the attachment damaging surfaces and/or other equipment when being handled.

The handle may also serve as a row attachment should the user want to target the muscles in the centre of your back through a close grip row - It’s also possible to use this attachment for T-Bar rows.
Maximum User Weight
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Full Commercial
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1 Year Full Commercial, Home and Light Commercial Warranty
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews
Tricep Bar
Gym quality product at a reasonable price, does what it says on the tin.

Trip Pull Down
Well made & well priced.

Great for triceps and biceps
This attachment is heavy duty engineered quality : Ideal for even distribution of weight and to catch the triceps at just the right angle for tricep pushdowns and tricep cable extensions. Many people can't use the flat bar for cable bicep curls and this is the perfect device for bicep cable curls with the hands turned upwards at 45 degrees, similar to buying an EZ bar for free weight curls. The large ends stop your hands from slipping off, all finished in chrome.

Great accessories
Bought these to go with the CF475 + stack and 145kg Olympic bar. Great 'Gym' quality and I'm able to do everything i used to in the gym...enjoying workouts in January for a newbies or queues for equipment :punch:

Bodymax triceps press down bar attachment
Excellent value for money. As good as ones I have used in gyms. Very well made and will last forever.

Great items
These dip bars fit perfectly and are well constructed

Great service and great products
How are house fitness is great for everything from the smallest accessory biggest machine. Great value great service keep me as a returning customer time and time again I look forward to my next order. Regards Gregg Thatcher

Very easy to use Works well

very good bar works well
very good bar works well