BodyMax Pro Tricep and Curl Bar Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Rubber hand grips provide comfort and grip
  • Manufactured from solid steel
  • Chromed to the highest standard of manufacturing process
  • Ultimate quality welds to ensure strength and safety
  • Cable eyelet is big enough for heavy duty carabiners
The BodyMax Pro Triceps and Curl Bar Attachment is made of excellent quality materials that make it a hard-wearing, robust and long-lasting solution for targeted bicep and triceps training.

Thanks to its solid construction this attachment is suitable for even the most demanding commercial environment with heavy resistance training. The BodyMax Pro Triceps and Curl Bar Attachment is a perfect choice for commercial and independent gyms, PT studios and fitness studios.

Due to its compact size and lightweight construction it will make a perfect addition to any home gym environment as well. The attachment is constructed from solid steel and chromed to the highest standard of manufacturing process. The high-quality welds ensure safety and allow for heavy resistance. The attachment allows you to exercise with up to 100kg of weights.

The attachment comes with two pairs of rubber coated grips that ensure a comfortable and secure hold of the handle. The handles and grips are angled in different positions to offer engagement of various muscle groups in your upper body including your triceps and bicep muscles. The rubber grips are gently knurled to provide maximum safety ensuring the handle doesn’t slip out of your hands.

The attachment comes with a secure eyelet that can be attached to exercise machines and pulley systems to attach the weight to the handle. This eyelet was specifically constructed to fit the size of heavy-duty carabiners that come with commercial and heavy-duty gym equipment.

This attachment was designed to offer the user a targeted upper body training in the workout machines. After attaching to a pulley system, you can perform a triceps extension and bicep curl for a targeted muscle engagement. Including both muscle groups in your upper body workout will provide the most effective results helping you build muscle mass and strength in your arms.

Strength workout will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently while improving your endurance. It will help you get leaner, stronger and increase your muscle mass. Some of the other resistance training benefits include improved muscle tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews
Good for the body
The item was brought For my son . He says it works well . Thank you.

Solid, well-crafted, perfect angle
I bought this because my wrist was playing up when using a straight bar for triceps and bicep curl. The angle keeps my wrists in a more natural position, so now more pain and I'm able to lift more. Great product, well made, very solid, it feels like a quality product and it is.

There is not much to
There is not much to talk about, the design and materials are flawless. It's the best attachment for triceps, period.

Home Gym Complete
Can't believe I've waited so long to get these. Adjustable Pulleys have just made my workout 10 x better. Great range of different exercises with Ease. Pulleys run smoothly and straightforward to build with the help of socket wrenches. Love it A1

Tricep & Curl Bar Attachment
Well made, efficient service, really pleased with purchase. Will recommend to friends.

Fast delivery and very happy
Fast delivery and very happy with the product

Bodymax Pro Tricep and Curl Bar Attachment
These are two great products that enhance arm workouts

Bodymax Pro Tricep and Curl Bar
Excellent bar, very well finished and great hand grip.