BodyMax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chrome plated solid steel
  • Rubber grip handles
  • 360 degree rotating connection point
  • High quality welds ensure optimum strength
The BodyMax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment has been engineered to not only train your back effectively, but also your entire body.

Most people use this attachment for cable low rows and other similar exercises, however the attachment performs perfectly when paired with a barbell for bent over T-Bar rows.

The attachment features a solid steel frame, with texturized rubber grips and knurling. The steel frame makes the attachment very sturdy and able to withstand a high maximum load of 100kg. The knurling throughout also helps with the users grip, adding texture to the bar allows for better traction.

With regards to the freely rotating eyelet, this product can be used on any cable stack, both commercial and home gym. Due to its relatively small product footprint and weight, this accessory is easily transported to/from the gym and or other places where this simple product is needed, this grants a further degree of flexibility and accessibility for the users.

You can easily target your legs with this attachment through the use of a cable goblet squat, with this handle you’re able to get into a very strong body position under the attachment and lock your arms/wrists deep into your chest for a precise upwards drive. Consider a close grip tricep cable pushdown, through using this attachment it allows you to get on top of the bar and truly drive from the tricep and isolate the muscles.

Another benefit to using this attachment is it fully aligns your body and positions the user in a way which is efficient and safe to execute countless exercises. This is achieved through the engineered shape of the bar, the narrow grip forces the user to keep their elbows close to their body and allows them to pull/push in a fully retracted scapular pattern – therefore much safer on the joints being used.
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Full Commercial
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1 Year Full Commercial, Home and Light Commercial Warranty
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 11 reviews
Body max double stirrup cable attachment
Quick delivery and much cheaper than dodgy alternatives from oversees advertised on other sites. As soon as I picked up the box I realised by the weight this was a decent bit of kit. After unpacking found the item had an excellent finish to it, is very robust and perfect for my seated rows. It's comfortable to use due to the coating on the handles. Excellent bit of gear, buy one today!

Cable Attachment Review II
One of two attachments purchased. Service was great, dispatched quickly with a well know courier. Item itself is great. Reassuringly heavy and build quality seems good. Is as pictured and nice to use. Common item in many gyms and this is an example among the best I’ve used.


Great quality
Good well made attachment

Good value for money
Very good for what you pay as it adds a lot of versitility to training sessions. Not the most sturdy piece of kit and the lower cable slips off if you deviate your angle slightly. I will be purchasing the selectable weight stack eventually. Changing he plates gets tedious. Overall, good purchase and value but you get what you pay for

Seated row attachment
Better than my local total fitness one, comfy, thick grip, great price!

Fast delivery and great quality, as always.

cable attachments
This item is of excellent quality, and ive used it a few times now and it does the job perfectly

Excellent service
Excellent service

Very good
Very good