BodyMax Pro Revolving Tricep and Curl Bar Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Solid build quality cable attachment
  • Revolving eyelet fixing for uninhibited freedom of movement
  • Durable thick rubber grips for a secure hold even with sweaty hands
  • Thick chrome plated steel for a long lasting lustre
  • High grade welded joints with solid steel parts for strength
The BodyMax Pro Revolving Tricep and Curl Bar Attachment is designed to fully isolate your biceps and triceps while taking the strain off your wrists and elbows.

This bio-mechanically designed solid steel bar features two comfortable, knurl-textured rubber grip options for close or wide grip control. The bar features angular shapes throughout what have been engineered specifically for peak bicep and tricep contraction. This is done through supinating the wrist joint, shortening the bicep head and forcing a deeper contraction when performed correctly.

The shape of the bar is also perfect for many rowing variations due to the neutral bar positioning as well as angular grips which allow for a more comfortable row as well as increasing the users range of motion.

Other examples of exercises one may do include: close-grip lat pull down, upright rows, seated rows, overhead extensions and straight arm pulldowns, close grip cable shoulder press.

The angular shaped bar not only serves to stimulate the desired muscle groups effectively, however to also protect the wrist joint and bicep tendon. This is done through the supinated grips as it puts far less strain on the wrist joint in the lengthened and shortened position, but also due to the design, where the greatest degree of tension is at in the movement is where the muscle is most compromised.

With the integration of this bar design, the tension in the lengthened position is far less than compared to a standard straight bar curl, making it a potentially less damaging movement. The bar features nylon balls screwed into the ends of the bar to help protect the bar and other gym equipment from being damaged when handled.

The nylon balls also act as a stopper for the users hands so they do not slip off the bar and they lose control when training hard.
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1 Year Full Commercial, Home and Light Commercial Warranty
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does the job!!!!
does the job!!!!

Great quality, great price .
Great quality, great price . Thanks.

Sweet bar! Great service fast
Sweet bar! Great service fast delivery.... What more you can you ask.