BodyMax Power Sandbags

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Key Features:
  • Bags come un-filled
  • Great for full body conditioning
  • Max Loading:L Lgt-18Kg, Med.;-35Kg, Hvy.;-45Kg
  • Perfect for combat sports training such as MMA, Boxing & Judo
Possibly one of the oldest forms of gym equipment, Sandbags have been an integral part of athletic training for centuries. Even the powerful and intimidating Roman gladiators used them to train! Now you can experience the benefits of this simple, yet incredibly powerful, tool in the comfort and privacy of your own home gym. Strong, sturdy and beautifully crafted the Bodymax Power Sandbags are available in the following weights: 18kg, 35kg and 45kg. Each Sandbag comes complete with 2 inner bags so you can take your training to the max safely and confidently.

Power Sandbags are also a fantastic way to build strength and stability especially in the small, but extremely important stabilizer muscles. Unlike dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, a sandbag will change shape as it’s lifted. This forces your muscles to engage more powerfully in each movement, as every repetition will be slightly different. This also works the core and muscles of the lower back more strongly, which is great for injury prevention, improved stability and good posture.

Of course sandbags also help to tone and strengthen a wide range of muscles including the quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, deltoids and latissimus dorsi. More importantly using a sandbag as part of your regular fitness training is – fun! Doing something different and unique is a great way to stay inspired and motivated as you achieve your fitness goals. It also gives you the opportunity to engage different muscle groups and work your body in a completely new way!

While everyone can certainly benefit from the use of this fantastic range of Power Sandbags they are particularly good for boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial artists and any athlete who wants to improve their all-round natural strength.

Bodymax Power Sandbags come with a 1-year home and commercial warranty featuring 1-year on parts.

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Please note: Sand is not included with purchase.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews
Amazing purchase!
My first purchase from these guys and I am really impressed. Easy checkout, swift delivery, quality product. Will be back for more!

Excellent Product and Value
Very, very happy with this purchase - I bought this to use with PT clients. The sandbag is MUCH better value than those from other suppliers yet is of vey high quality and is perfect for my needs. The two inner bags allow me to change the weight so that it appropriate for clients of different strengths/abilities and I'm loving training with it myself too. I highly recommend.