BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist

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Key Features:
  • Placard with instructions
  • 120kg weight stack and full-height stack guard
  • Easy access steps
  • Two pairs of pull-up/chin-up handles
  • Commercial grade design
Strengthen and tone the upper torso with the BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist Machine. An effective way to target the arms, chest, shoulder and back muscles, this 2 in 1 exercises machine will also help to increase athletic ability and help with injury prevention. The multiple hand positions also allow for more exercise variety and will accommodate users of varying sizes.

Comfortable and simple to use, this stylish piece of equipment is designed to withstand the use of a busy commercial gym environment. Crafted using heavy gauge steel with robust frame and durable upholstery, the padded kneeling support and comfortable hand-grips mean the user can train in comfort for longer. With steps that provide easy access to the equipment, the BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist is suitable for both novice and frequent gym users.

This machine can take up to 150kg of maximum user weight which makes it suitable for athletes of all body types. It measures 147x112x218cm (LxWxH). Platinum Dip / Chin Assist comes with a full commercial warranty: 5 years on frame, 3 years on parts/labour and 1 year on consumables.

The 120kg weight stack included in the BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist will help you perform chin ups and dips by supporting the movement with the needed weight. It’s a great choice whether you are unable to perform those exercises without support, when you want to extend the amount of repetitions or when you simply want to prevent injuries.

The cushioned knee pad support system can be adjusted with a selector pin that’s quick and easy to use and adjust. The double handle system provides a multi-position grip for engagement of various muscle groups. That means you can train both chin ups and pull ups.

BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist includes an attached placard with instructions on how to perform the exercise and which muscle groups are engaged in the movement. This addition offers helpful information especially for the beginners and those new to gym environments and gym equipment.

BodyMax Platinum Dip / Chin Assist offers a supported chin up, pull up and dip training. Those exercises are universally considered to belong to the group of most beneficial exercises when it comes to building size and strength in your upper body. However, it is often overlooked that chin- ups and pull-ups are not the same exercise.

Pull-ups are performed with a pronated grip where your palms point outwards so that they are facing away from you. The most common grip width is just slightly wider than shoulder width while chin-ups include a shoulder wide supinated grip where your palms point inwards so that they are facing you.

Even though both exercises primarily target back/lats and biceps, there are differences in the degree in which those muscles get worked. Pull-ups will predominantly target your lats and back while chin-ups focus on the biceps. The dip station will help you develop a stronger triceps and target your core muscles as well which is why it’s important to include all three exercises in your routine to get your dream upper body quickly and effectively.
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