BodyMax HR300 Home Half Rack

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Key Features:
  • Compact home size
  • Adjustable bar hooks and spotters
  • Plate and barbell holders
  • 6 resistance band pegs
  • Pull-up and dips station
Get the commercial gym benefits in a compact home size with the new BodyMax HR300 home half rack. Engineered to enhance your workouts, HR300 will take your training to the next level and accelerate your progress.

The BodyMax HR300 was designed to offer the benefits of heavy-duty power racks in a size fitted for a home environment. With strong 60 x 60 x 2 mm tubbing, HR300 half rack is a sturdy and durable solution to weight training. Measuring 130L x 163W x 216H (cm) this compact power rack will fit perfectly in your home gym.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with personal training is committing to it. Unfortunately when it comes to weight lifting it can become difficult when relying on others to act as a spotter. Sturdy and robust this well-crafted power rack offers adjustable bar hooks and safety spotter bars, so you are in control of when you train and for how long.

The BodyMax HR300 integrates 4 weight plate storage pins and 2 Olympic bar holders, offering supreme convenience and comfort. The ergonomically designed plate and bar holders will ensure your workout space is tidy and organized at all times.

The HR300 power rack incorporates 6 pegs for attaching resistance bands to extend the possibilities of your training. BodyMax Power Bands (sold separately) will help you get the most out of your workouts and maximize your results.

Pull-up and Chin-up variations are some of the most versatile and beneficial exercises you can do to improve strength and overall body health! BodyMax HR300 features a straight pull up bar which allows you to add pull-up and chin-up variations to your training routine and enhance your workouts.

The height adjustable dips handles offer 2 widths boosting training variety and engaging more muscle groups. Incorporating dips in your workout routine will help you strengthen your pecs, lats and triceps.

Boost your cardio stamina, promote steady and healthy weight loss and strengthen and tone a wide variety of important muscles such as the biceps, triceps, deltoids, latissimus dorsi and trapezius. Simply put, this power rack offers everything needed to get your body in amazing shape!

The BodyMax HR300 Home Half Rack comes with free UK delivery plus a 1-year home warranty.
Dimensions Open
130x163x216cm (LxWxH)

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
Good size
Perfect size for our garage! Couldn't be happier, very easy to assemble. No reason to miss arm day now!

For under £500 this is as good as anything I had found online, very impressed with the quality, size and features so to speak. Very neat!

Superb A+++
Very happy with our new rack which we've put in to 1 half of our garage for our home gym set-up. Very nice quality, easy to build and has good functions for us, such as the plate holders and dipping handles. Very happy to be able to propper squatting at home as well as loads of other barbell work. A+++ from us.

Great advice, happy with my choice
I only really had half an idea of what I wanted but I called the sales line and they helped talk me through the pros and cons of a few of the options I was considering. In the end we chose this half rack and we're very pleased with it. Thanks Rhonna for the advice.

finally someone with stock!
Its been so hard to get anything during the last year, very happy to see an online retailer who not only has stock but actually has a decent range to choose from. Quick turnaround too, ordered on a Friday afternoon and had it by the following wednesday. Had to help the delivery driver a bit but I don't think thats unusual if ordering this kind of equipment.