BodyMax Gym Ball Hand Pump

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Key Features:
  • Great for fit balls and gym balls
  • Quickly inflates due to the long stroke
  • Made from black plastic
  • Light weight and compact
  • Great value for money
Exercise shouldn’t be a chore – but sometimes looking after the equipment can be! The last thing you want to do before engaging in your training program is have to inflate a gym ball by blowing into it. You’ll be out of breath before you even start. Now thanks to this fabulous Gym Ball Hand Pump by fitness giants Bodymax, you can quickly and easily inflate gym or fit balls.

Made from durable, black plastic this pump is lightweight and compact. Perfect for home gym use or for personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts on the move, this is an essential piece of kit. It inflates faster then most other pumps due to the long stroke, so you can get training right away.

Never under estimate the power of a gym ball! This ingenious piece of apparatus has the ability to target your core muscles like no other form of gym equipment. They also enhance other forms of exercise and provide a total-body conditioning workout. What’s great about gym balls is that whether you choose to incorporate them into high-intensity training in your home gym, or simply use them while watching T.V, you can guarantee your muscles will feel the burn!

A strong core is essential for good health and fitness; it assists with injury prevention, supports the spine and can help ease, and prevent, lower back pain. Suitable for a wide variety of exercises gym balls will help to successfully strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles as well as most of the other major muscles in the body. They can also improve flexibility, agility and balance. Comfortable and supportive they can also be used whilst you bench press dumbbells to increase the intensity of your workout without increasing the load.

With over 30-years experience in the world of gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is pleased to offer this superb pump for a fantastic price.

The Bodymax Gym Ball Hand Pump comes with a 1-year home warranty.
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