BodyMax Anti Gravity Inversion Boots - Black

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Key Features:
  • Perfect for inverted crunches & squats
  • Strong steel fixings for complete safety
  • Plastic double safety clip for peace of mind
  • Fine smooth foam used provides comfort and grip
  • Sleek black appearance
Not only do these sleek, black Anti Gravity Inversion Boots from fitness giants Bodymax look super-cool, they are also one of the most powerful tools for tight, toned abs. Batman crunches and inversion squats are fantastic ways to improve core strength. Not only will you work your way toward a spectacular looking 6-pack, but improved abdominal strength is also integral for injury prevention and good posture.

The reason Gravity Inversion Boots are so beneficial is that they work to elongate the spine. Hanging upside down, while safely and comfortably supported, allows your spine to lengthen naturally using your own body weight. This can reduce the amount of pressure around the vertebrae, discs and nerve roots, and help alleviate back pain. A long spine is also integral to doing abdominal work effectively and safely. Often exercises that focus on the core put undue stress and strain on the lumbar spine. If not done correctly injury can occur. The use of inversion boots allows you to perform a wide variety of core specific exercises with the spine in proper alignment.

Boasting strong steel fixings and a plastic double safety clip these boots offer the ultimate in safety so you can train with peace of mind. A fine, smooth foam provides added comfort and grip so you remain comfortable throughout your workout. These are definitely a must-have piece of equipment for anyone serious about getting tighter, leaner abs and boosting their overall fitness levels.

The Bodymax Anti Gravity Inversion Boots come with a 1-year home warranty featuring 1-year on parts.

These boots are also available in blue.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews
Excellent Product
Delivery was prompt and arrived within the timescale advised. The power rack is solid and sturdy. The pilot system and weight stack work very well and is more then enough weight to start with. Bench is good quality and feels well made. All in all, a great purchase and would/have recommended to others

Decent product, unique experience
The build quality is pretty good on these ankle cuff, I definitely feel safe hanging upside down. Seemed to free up my back a fair bit hanging there but those sit ups are hard work!!

Black Anti Gravity Inversion boots
Easy to fit, comfortable and easy to use. Awesome for the abs.

Very happy
Very happy