BodyMax Folding Exercise Mat

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Key Features:
  • Thick padding for comfort
  • Multiple exercises
  • 4-way fold
  • Compact for storage
If you are looking for a small and compact mat, look no further as this is the product for you.

It’s easy to get carried away with weight machines, spin bikes and free-weights when working out. However, more and more studies are showing the importance of maintaining a well-rounded exercise regime to improve flexibility, co-ordination, agility and balance. Whether you choose to engage in Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi or do your own stretches or ‘physio’ sessions with BodyMax Foam Rollers, having a high-quality mat in your home gym or fitness studio is essential.

Incorporating a fabulous 4-fold design this mat is generous when in use and completely compact when stored or in transit. Perfect for stretching, relaxing as well as a wide variety of warm up and cool down exercises this is an ideal mat for beginners are seasoned athletes alike. Thanks to the thick padding you are protected from the discomfort of working on the floor making this the perfect mat for Core Specific work such as Russian twists and crunches. Easy to clean and comfortable to use this is a must-have item for anyone serious about getting in shape.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this product protects you from any discomfort when working on the floor due to the thick and well-padded material. The high-quality padding makes this a perfect mat for core specific work especially when doing crunches or Russian twists. This mat is very easy to keep clean which is perfect if you are using it for high intensity interval training. This is a must-have item for anyone who is serious about getting in great shape.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews
Practical and comfortable.
This exercise mat is comfortable to lie on, it is a good, large size and is easy to fold and put away. It also has a range of useful, detailed exercises you can carry out using the mat. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Dave Mortis
The Exercise Mats I Bought Habe Been Superb, They Fold Away And Fit Neatly Into My watdrobe When Im Not Using Them. They Are Light, Soft and Perfect For The Bootcamps I Run. Thanks

Good quality mat.
This is a good quality mat for a reasonable price. I like the exercise guide which is very handy. I would recommend this product.

Faultless service
I managed to mess up my order as the wrong delivery address was auto filled in from my phone. A quick email to power house Fitness's customer services and a friendly phone call from one of their staff and the issue was sorted. The item I ordered was exactly as described and arrived exactly when they said it would. Not only were they competitive with their pricing, their service was impeccable. I won't hesitate to use them again.