Bodymax Competition Kettlebell - Orange 28kg

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Key Features:
  • Tone muscle
  • Develop speed & endurance
  • Use as part of circuit training to burn fat
If you’re interested in building some serious muscle then this exceptional 28kg Competition Kettlebell is a must-have piece of gym kit. Beautifully designed with athletes in mind, this kettlebell from fitness giants Bodymax, is the perfect tool to help you up your game! Improve cardio endurance, burn calories, boost strength, tighten those abs and build spectacular muscle definition with this impressive 28kg weight. Perfect for even the smallest of home gyms, this kettlebell will challenge, inspire and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Unlike the cast iron variety, competition kettlebells are uniform in size no matter what they weigh, so it’s easier to maintain the same form throughout your training. This is key to working the body more effectively and efficiently. Square handles that don’t increase in size with the weight of the kettlebell also provide a better, more comfortable grip. This is essential for anyone serious about Girevoy Sport, also known as Kettlebell Sport. Incorporating movements such as The Jerk, The Long Cycle Clean and Jerk, and The Snatch into your training regime will give your body a workout like no other!

With over 30-years experience in the world of seriously cool gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this outstanding Competition Kettlebell for an amazing price.

The Bodymax Competition Kettlebell – Orange 28kg comes with free UK delivery plus a 1-year home and commercial warranty on parts.
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