Bodymax Commercial ISO Seated Row

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Key Features:
  • Suitable for full & light commercial use
  • Solid steel with modern matte black powder coated finish
  • Curved framing looks stylish but also improves integrity
  • Plate loading and extremely low maintenance
  • The feel of training with free weights with the safety of a machine
The Bodymax Commercial Iso Lever Seated Row offers another angle to hit the back from, with recruitment of the lat muscles (latissimus dorsi), and traps (trapezius muscles) as well as recruitment of the posterior deltoids, biceps and forearms, all helping to improve overall back thickness. The iso lateral design allows users to work each side equally as the arms move independently on a diverging plane, ensuring a more natural feel throughout the movement. Users will experience its smooth natural arc throughout the pulling/rowing motion which will enhance the users workout experience ensuring superb muscle activation/recruitment for all the muscles of the back. The adjustable seat will accommodate users of all heights and the padded chest support will ensure stability throughout the movement.

The Commercial Series from Bodymax offers a fantastic quality range comprised of an impressive selection of iso-lateral and plate loading machines which are suitable for light commercial and even full commercial grade fitness facilities. Despite initially being designed for use in less frequently visited environments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, personal training studios, hotels or office gyms, it is also up to the task of handling the regular use such as that of a busy members gym which would be considered a full commercial grade facility where more frequent use would be expected.

Iso-lever plate loading machines have bridged the gap between free weight use and selectorised single station machines by combining the feel and function of free weights along with the control and safety inherent in selectorised equipment. This means they are suitable for users of all abilities and are no doubt one of the most popular forms of resistance training in the world today.

The steel frames of each piece have been beautifully finished with a matte black protective powder coating which not only looks fantastic but is highly durable meaning the frame is more resistant to the inevitable chipping or scratching of regular use. All stabilizing feet have urethane coverings with embedded floor grips to ensure each item won't move when set in place and in use. Hand grips and adjustment handles have been ergonomically designed and have non-slip surfaces, providing comfortable handling as well as additional safety for the user. All seats, back pads and rests are 40mm thick, upholstered with quality black leather and finished off with the unique Bodymax logo embroidered on the head rest - a finishing touch to assure real quality!

With over 30-years in the world of gym equipment, Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this outstanding piece of gym equipment at a fantastic price.
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