Bodymax Commercial Assisted Chin Up / Dip Station

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Key Features:
  • Designed for heavy commercial use
  • Sleek and stylish design with comfortable grips
  • 90kg weight stack
  • Distinctive red weight selector and seat adjustment pins
  • Stack guard included for added safety
The Bodymax Commercial Assisted Chin & Dip Machine will help users to achieve a stronger and toned upper torso while also improving athletic ability. Comfortable and simple to use, this stylish piece of equipment is designed to withstand the use of a busy commercial gym environment. Featuring a high quality finish with robust frame and durable upholstery, the padded kneeling support and comfortable hand-grips mean the user can train in comfort for longer. With steps that provide easy access to the equipment, the Assisted Chin and Dip Machine is suitable for both novice and frequent gym users.

The generous 90kg weight stack will keep muscles challenged and engaged while the stack guard offers an extra safety measure so the user can exercise in confidence. A user instruction placard is included and illustrates how to use the machine effectively and efficiently, as well as what specific muscles are being worked. Distinctive red selector and seat adjustment pins have been incorporated to clearly show the adjustable areas and aid the visually impaired.

140 x 81 x 227cm (L x W x H)

The Bodymax Commercial Assisted Chin & Dip machine comes with a 1 year full commercial, 1 year parts / labour and 90 day consumables warranty.
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1 Reviews
Excellent bit of kit. Just as good as anything you'll find in a gym, if not better-looking forward to many years of use with my new bit of kit-the installers also provide servicing and removals too so that's an added bonus.