BodyMax CF480 Heavy Duty Multi Press Walk-In Squat Rack

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Key Features:
  • Walk In Squat Rack
  • Multiple Bar Rests
  • Adjustable Spotter Catchers
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 4 Olympic weight pins for storing your weight plates
The BodyMax CF480 Heavy Duty Multi Press Walk-In Squat Rack is a high-quality home piece of equipment that is a must have for any home gym. Including 13 different rack positions, this rack is suitable for users of varying heights and can be used to perform a multitude of exercises.

Made from high quality steel with an aesthetic metallic grey finish, this rack is not only durable but will also look great in any home gym. Feel safe in the fact that this rack can handle up to 363kg worth of weight and the spotter bars can catch the bar safely if you fail. The spotter bars can be adjusted in height for optimal positioning.

The BodyMax CF480 Squat Rack has four built in storage pins to keep your weight plates organised. Free up the valuable floor space in your home gym by taking your plates off of the floor and storing them neatly onto the side of the rack. Suitable for use with both bumper plates and tri-grip Olympic plates.

The CF480 is perfect for those who want to take their squat power to another level. Squatting is one of the best exercises you can do to increase your overall functional strength and health. Stronger legs will help with daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs or carrying heavy loads. Not only will squats strengthen your legs, they will also improve your abdominal, lower back and glute strength. Squatting with a barbell will also use the muscles in your chest, shoulders, arms and upper back to support the weight, making it the best exercise for a full body workout.

Not only can this rack be used for squats, it can also be used for overhead shoulder presses, rack pulls, calf raises and more. Combine this with one of our benches to perform bench press at various incline options.
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 50 reviews
Recommend in a heartbeat
Recently bought for an outbuilding in the garden. The CF480 is a very sturdy bit of kit, the fact it's only £209 or so it an absolute steal really. It is possible to build with only one person, I managed it with just me and 2 adjustable spanners. Although would've been easier with a bit of help. There are no spare bolts / washers / nuts included so be careful when building! The instructions are very basic but do the job. Have used it a few times since building and have zero complaints. In my eyes there's no need to look further than this rack, unless you require a full height rack for pull-ups.

Solid piece of kit
Needed a rack for the garage at home that would let me use barbells in a smallish space and this does the trick very well. Have only used for 100kg and down so far but it's very sturdy for it and is a good simple solution. Instructions could be better but the product itself is great value for money. Assembly tip: find and align the flat metal plates that go on the bottom back (wider than those which go opposite the plate pegs on the sides) early in the process to save yourself having to back track if you miss them in the instructions.

Very Satisfied
Great squat rack,i am using it for squats,bench press,curls,pull ups,overhead press ,pretty much everything :D .It is very sturdy holding 100 kg of weights on it + my weight 95 kg and it is not been bolted to the ground. I am very happy with my purchase!

Squat rack bench and weights
class equipment can not fault it at all. Easy to assemble, sturdy and well designed. Happy

Solid piece for home gym
Easy to assemble although I changed the position of the bar rests to the inside of rack giving a bit more room for bar placement. Additional weight pins on the top inside rear frame would really enhance the storage facility. Can I order some please?

Squat rack
The rack is just what I needed. Good quality and easy to build.

A sturdy, versatile, well made bit of kit.
As most other reviewers have already expressed many of my opinions about this piece of equipment I will go on and echo their thoughts. Due to height restrictions I was unable to get a full power rack so went with this, I felt it might have been a poor 2nd place. I was wrong. I does everything I need (with some improvisations such as racking the barbell on the top notch to do wide grip pull ups or chin ups) and some other things. I feel this thing will last the distance and the time to delivery from placing my order was exceptionally fast and the courier was very understanding to wait around (about 20 minutes) for me to pop back home and collect due to some sort of tracking issue where my package didn't track on the website so it was a bit of a lottery when it would arrive. That being said, not the end of the world.

Additional info
I gave a review in April regarding this rack..still stick by it except ma he the spitters could do with being a bit longer..I will mention the width of the rack given in the pic is’s actually about 125cms wide..I mention this as it almost put me of buying a safety squat bar thinking it wouldn’t fit this rack as the inside size of the bar is fits perfect so hopefully powerhouse can amend this as it may put people of buying an awesome rack.

Great rack for a great price
Really good rack, very solid. Is almost perfect for a home gym. Only way it could be improved is it the rack slots were a little bigger. If I'm lifting to exhaustion finding the small grooves can be tricky, but the safety bar is very stable and makes up for that!

Great company, shocking courier.
Very pleased with the bodymax squat rack and Olympic bar weight set, exactly what I’d hoped for, highly recommend. Be prepared for delivery issues/delays, Powerhouse have been extremely helpful however their courier XDP is very disappointing. Despite XDP I will buy from Powerhouse again.