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Key Features:
  • Package includes 145kg rubber barbell kit, heavy half rack and adjustable weight bench
  • Barbell kit includes 7ft chromed and knurled Olympic barbell and Olympic collars
  • Rubber coating reduces disc noise & protects against rust
  • Heavy duty half rack with 363kg/800lbs capacity and chin/pull-up bar
  • Weight bench is adjustable to flat, incline and decline positions
The BodyMax CF470 Half Rack Package is the ideal option for those looking to upgrade their home gym and get serious about strength training.



The BodyMax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier. The rubber coating provides a more aesthetic finish than plain or painted cast iron finishes. The rubber coating also protects against rust and reduces noise of discs "clanking" against each other - rubber also protects floor coverings.

Included in the kit:

  • 1 x Olympic 7ft 20kg chrome barbell

  • 2 x Olympic size spring collars

  • 2 x 20kg Olympic tri-grip rubber plates

  • 2 x 10kg Olympic tri-grip rubber plates

  • 4 x 5kg Olympic tri-grip rubber plates

  • 4 x 2.5kg Olympic tri-grip rubber plates

  • 4 x 1.25kg Olympic tri-grip rubber plates



Solidly crafted and beautifully designed, this half rack offers adjustable bar hooks and safety spotter bars, so you are in control of when you train and for how long. The sturdy construction will give you the confidence to get the most out of your workouts every time!

Pull-up and Chin-up variations are some of the most versatile and beneficial exercises you can do to improve strength and overall body health! The CF470 has an in-built pull-up bar so you can get a total body workout without having to invest in multiple pieces of equipment.

Multiple Olympic bar and plate holder pins offer convenient storage solutions.

Measuring 130cm (length) x 160cm (width) and 215cm (height) this power rack will fit even the smallest of gym environments and add variety and versatility to your regular exercise regime.

With a maximum user weight of 363kg/800lbs, this Heavy Half Rack is sturdy enough for newbies and seasoned weight-trainers alike.



The CF430 Classic weight bench has been solidly constructed to provide an extra-ordinarily comfortable yet robust exercise experience. Made from high quality materials the The CF430 Classic provides supreme stability during your workouts.

Easily adjustable into flat, incline and decline positions this bench will bring greater diversity and challenge to your training program.

The seat and the back rest of the CF430 Classic incorporate supportive foam padding offering supreme comfort. Both the padded back rest and leg restraints provide additional support, whilst also maintaining the ability to be adjusted so you can stay in control of your training and progress.

With a maximum user weight of 275kg, this bench is perfect whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned athlete. The durable upholstery is simple to clean so you can take your workout to the max every time.

The bench comes with built-in rear transport wheels. This allows you to move it around your fitness space without any effort.

BodyMax CF470 Heavy Half Rack
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
130x160x215cm (LxWxH)
BodyMax 145kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit with 7ft Bar
Maximum User Weight
BodyMax CF430 CLASSIC Heavy Duty Weight Bench - Flat/Incline/Decline
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
140x62x120cm (LxWxH)
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 238 reviews
A good bench
I decided to upgrade the bench i used to have (an adjustable york fitness one) to this one, because i wanted the leg developer and preacher attachments that you can purchase along side it. One thing i will say is that compared to my old bench, this one is significantly heavier. But it has wheels on the back so you can move it around easy enough. On top of the adjustable back rest, the seat can also be adjusted. This stops you feeling like you are going to slide off, like you do on benches with a fixed seat. Where this bench really shines though is the Preacher and Leg Developer attachments. They are a game changer, They feel robust and are easy to swap in and out of your bench configuration. You just slot them in and screw in the pin. You can set them to a few different heights too. They add a lot of versatility to your workouts and take up very little extra space.

CF470 half rack, CF430 bench, rubber radial plates
After several years with a low budget home gym and a fair bit of improvisation, I decided to invest in few statement pieces of kit. I invested in a BodyMax CF430 bench from PF last Christmas which has served me excellently so was keen to go with them again and, after the easter 2021 garage makeover, was after a black/red set up. Debated between the BodyMax Cable Motion Multigym Dual Adjustable Pulley, CF475 half rack, and the CF485 full rack.. Went with the BodyMax CF475 half rack due to the storage pins with a view to getting the CF480 Functional Trainer in the future. Also got the dip handles (not included in photo) and a selection of rubber radial plates. Notably, the barbell is from a different supplier as wanted to go for one a little more premium than the one that came with the barbell/plate package (and also one that was black). As for the products, the half rack was fairly easy to put together (and, contrary to the instructions, is doable on your own but worth having someone on standby in case you get need an extra limb or two) though it’s worth having a set of adjustable wrenches for assembling and either a sizeable Allen key or drill with suitable bit to tighten the preassembled weight pins that had loosened slightly in transit. It’s sturdy and looks the part. Downside is the chin/pull up handles aren’t high enough to get a full stretch at the bottom (unless you flex at the knees/hips) meaning I can neither any longer stick a dumbbell between my feet. Similarly, the bridging bar across the top stops me from dipping from high with a dumbbell between my feet (as I hit my head). Of note, I’m 6ft tall. I suspect both these problems, however, can be overcome by getting a dipping belt. Paint will unsurprisingly chip with heavy contact or aggressive sliding of the plates on/off the pins. Plates themselves are excellent. No smell but some of them were covered in a yellowish residue on opening (possibly some oil within the rubber?) but this came off with a good wipe over. In hindsight, in the interest of cost and space but at the expense of a dual pulley system, I could (and maybe should) have gone for the CF485 full rack with the single pulley option (vs my plan to get the CF480 at a later date). Notably the CF485 wouldn’t come with the storage pins that the CF475 comes with (which are very handy) but you could get one of the weight trees instead and still spend less (than getting a CF475 and CF480). I was helped through the process by James from Edinburgh who was superb from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble and he even sent emails/formulated quotes on his annual leave. I forgot the dipping handles on my initial order too and he sent them on by express delivery free of charge. All-in-all, very happy with my purchases and the service I received and will definitely order from PF again in the future. Product-wise, I’d only suggest to people, particularly for whom floor space is an issue, considering the CF485 full rack instead of the CF470 half rack given the option of an integrated albeit single-handed pulley system, and just getting a separate weight tree for plate storage.

Great starting kit
Bought this rack for my home gym and it is great. Very easy assembly, although it did not come with tools. Make sure you have spanners and Allen keys! Pretty sturdy, has a little shake when I do pull ups, but the rack at my old gym did the same so I'm not worried. Highly recommend the dip station you can buy separately, between that a barbell, bench and weights, I have everything I need to replicate my workout routines at home. The finish isn't the best, scratches, some rusty spots, and poor paintwork are noticeable but doesn't impact performance. If you are starting to build your own home gym then this rack is great. I don't lift heavy enough to exceed it's max weight and the rack is short enough to fit in the spare bedroom- the main reason I bought it.

Superb bench!
Exactly what I was looking for! The quality is brilliant, would recommend

Brilliant bench
Brilliant quality product and service, would recommend. Definitely purchasing from here again!

Great bench
does exactly what I need would highly recommend

Fantastic bench
This bench is absolutely great! Solid and great quality.

good service
I bought this bench after looking around online at other places but I'm glad I went with this. Good service from start to finish, delivered on time and I'm very happy customer overall

Website customer
I think the bench performs really well and is asthetically pleasing to the eye. Reasonable value but maybe more expensive than others after doing a bit of research. I was happy to buy from this company though as they have been around for a very long time and the comaparable cheaper models from elsewhere didn't look like they were from the most reputable of companies.

Really solid bench, I was very impressed with the overall quality of it upon arrival and assembly. Adjustments are easy to do and comfortable into the bargain!