BodyMax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack With Spotter Catchers

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Key Features:
  • Fully adjustable in width from 65cm - 107cm
  • Suitable for various bar lengths
  • 250kg capacity
  • Use the narrow position for dips
  • Spotter catchers height: 630mm (lowest) to 930mm (highest) (adjusting increment is 50mm)
The BodyMax CF415 Squat and Dip Rack is one of the best valued home squat racks available on the market.

The width of the rack is adjustable from 65cm – 107cm, meaning it can be used with 5ft, 6ft and 7ft barbells.
The spotter bars are adjustable from 63cm – 93cm making it suitable for people of various heights.
The height and width are adjusted using a pop pin mechanism, which is simple to use and provides good stability once tightened. Can be used for multiple exercises including squats, bench press, overhead press, shrugs and dips.

The BodyMax CF415 has been solidly constructed to provide a safe and effective exercise experience. With a maximum capacity of 250kg, this rack is suitable for advanced lifters as well as people who are just starting out with weight training.

The CF415 is perfect for those who want to take their squat power to another level. Squatting is one of the best exercises you can do to increase your overall functional strength and health. Stronger legs will help with daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs or carrying heavy loads. Not only will squats strengthen your legs, they will also improve your abdominal, lower back and glute strength. Squatting with a barbell will also use the muscles in your chest, shoulders, arms and upper back to support the weight, making it the best exercise for a full body workout.

The BodyMax CF415 Squat Rack includes dip bars that are attached to the rear side of the rack, by adjusting the width of the rack to its narrowest setting you will be able to perform dips in a comfortable position. Dips are a great exercise to work the upper and lower pectorals, and the triceps. To perform a correct dip, grip the handles, push off the ground with your legs and extend your elbows.

Then bend your knees so that your legs are behind your body and slowly lower yourself until your chest is in line with the bars. Push back up focusing on contracting your chest and triceps and repeat this movement for multiple repetitions.
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
105x65x103cm (LxWxH)

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Average rating from 68 reviews
Wow wow wow finally arrived placed order for this in October 6weeks wait but when it come back in stock got it delivered within one day of speaking to john t from willesden store london just want to say this product is out his world and the service is fantastic review thank you john t and powerhouse for the great service you have provided me over last 5 weeks 100per cent coming back soon

I’ve had this for 4 years now; I use it for bench, squat and (kind of) pull-ups (need to pull your knees up to your chest to successfully pull-up). It’s great and would purchase again, in fact the reason I’m here is because I’m thinking of buying another so I don’t have to switch configuration between squat & bench.

Great equipment and very good service
Great equipment and good service; especially after sales care.

Great service with good quality equipment
Bought weights set before Christmas, arrived very quickly, and all equipment better quality than I expected. Ordered rack and extra weights now. Again, good solid quality, makes bench press much safer.

Good quality
Good quality at a great price

Excelent for the price.
Took 10 minutes to put together, looks cool, sturdy, easy to adjust for different exercises. My only complaint is that it's a little tricky to do incline bench especially when you've got a considerable amount of weight on the bar.

Excellent service and very sturdy
Excellent service and very sturdy

Good piece of kit
Does what it says it should do. Easy to assemble and performs well. Though the rubber padding tends to peel off if a heavy weight is rolled across the stands.

Bodymax Squat rack and catchers
Awesome build quality easy to adjust. Excellent service from Powerhouse Fitness 5*

Solid piece of equipment which
Solid piece of equipment which far exceeded my expectations given the price. Prompt delivery and great follow up service. Will definitely use Powerhouse again.