BodyMax CF385+ Disc/Plate Loading Pulley Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Extra savings - see related package deals
  • High/Low Cable Pulley Attachment
  • Works with 1"/standard size or 2"/Olympic size weight plate discs
  • Includes short bar and lat bar attachment
  • Holds up to 180kg
  • only suitable for use with the BodyMax CF385+ Home Power Rack
*Please note this is an additional Attachment for the CF385+ Deluxe Home Power Rack. The rack or weights are not included.

Maximise the functionality of your BodyMax CF385+ Deluxe Home Power Rack by adding the optional Disc/Plate Loading Pulley Attachment. This pulley attachment adds a whole new dimension to your workout by allowing you to more specifically target arm muscles such as biceps, triceps and deltoids as well as several important muscles in the back like the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae and rhomboids. If you take exercise seriously then this is the perfect piece of equipment for you!

Beautifully designed, this attachment fits standard 1” and 2” or Olympic Discs with a maximum weight capacity of up to 180kg / 400 lbs. Perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes alike, this pulley system will enhance your power rack and keep your exercise routine, fresh, exciting and challenging. Lat pull downs and low pulley rows are excellent for building strength and promote muscular endurance. They also compliment exercises such as shrugs, shoulder presses and chest presses to further increase upper body performance, boost body function and reduce the risk of injury by assisting in making every days tasks such as pulling, pushing and lifting easier.

With over 30-years experience in the world of high end gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this fantastic attachment for an amazing price.

The Bodymax CF385+ Lat / Low Pulley Attachment comes with free UK delivery plus a 2-year home warranty.
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