BodyMax CF340/342 Preacher Curl Attachment

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Key Features:
  • Easy “click in” to bench mechanism
  • Isolates and maximises bicep exercises
  • Well cushioned pad to ensure comfort for curl exercises
  • Can be used with EZ bars, dumbbells, kettlebells and more
  • Great accessory extension to the CF340/CF342 weight benches
The BodyMax CF340/342 Preacher Curl Attachment is a welcome attachment to the BodyMax CF340/342 weight benches in order to isolate your biceps for growth.

Expand the capabilities of your already robust CF340/342 weight benches with our preacher curl attachment. The unit features any easy to “click-in” mechanism to easily add to the bench and take away when necessary to focus on other areas of your workout without the stress of retaining the part in place for other movements.

With the ability to add further bicep movements to your exercise programme with the adaptability to use with a range of equipment, such as but not limited to, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and cable attachments. The preacher curl is an optimal exercise to increase growth in the biceps due to the avoidance of the conventional voluntary/involuntary swing motion that can be adopted with bicep curl exercises and the adaptability to correct arm imbalances by incorporating single arm bicep work.

The ability to use various forms of fitness equipment with the preacher curl attachment renders it a great addition to any home gym! Why not take your bicep training to another level with the ability to add one of the below unique movements to your exercise arsenal by using the BodyMax CF340/342 Preacher Curl attachment!

Single arm kettlebell preacher curl
Grasp the cannonball part of a kettlebell in an open grip and curl the kettlebell in an upward motion contracting your bicep, return the kettlebell to full extension of the arm, fully lengthening the bicep and repeat!

With optimised wrist mechanics, this exercise requires you to keep the wrists locked during curling in order to create a solid platform for the kettlebell to rest on, which if not done can produce strain on the surrounding connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. When returning to curling with a dumbbell or a barbell this variation will have caused greater curling mechanics leading to greater overload and size gains! The ability to overload each arm independently also allows to balance any strength imbalances between arms.

Single arm dumbbell preacher curl
Grasp a dumbbell with wrist locked in a straight position, with arm fully extended with back of the arm rested comfortably on preacher curl pad, curl the dumbbell back up in an upward motion contracting the bicep fully.

The ability to focus on the negative movement portion of a preacher curl, referring to the lengthening of the bicep under load is a great benefit for enhancing growth and strengthening of your biceps.

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