BodyMax Cable Motion Multi Gym Dual Adjustable Pulley

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Key Features:
  • Package Includes Flat, Incline & Decline Training Bench and 145kg Rubber Olympic Weight Kit
  • Incredible Exercise Variation for all Muscle Groups
  • Suitable for Standard Size or Olympic Size Weight Plates
  • Includes Pull-Up Station, Low Cable Pulley, Dual Adjustable Pulley System, Landmine, Plate Storage, Suspension Training Anchor and Multi-Position Barbell Rack
The Bodymax Cable Motion and Rack System offers a fantastic solution whether your focus is to improve muscle tone, gain strength, increase functional training capacity or perform mobility training. Bodymax have created a fantastic solution which combines the potential to perform the best of both free-weight and cable motion exercise without compromising on quality. At Powerhouse Fitness, we think you'll love this incredible new product which we are proud to have available exclusively in the UK!

Dual Adjustable Pulley System
The cable pulleys on either side have multiple height adjustments and offer the potential to perform an unbelievable variety of exercises. The cable pulleys can be used simultaneously or independently, depending upon the exercise, and changing the resistance is easy via the plate loading weight stack (weights sold separately). You can load the adaptable plate holders with either standard size (1") or olympic size (2") weight plates and adjust the weight accordingly, in relation to the exercise you wish to perform, as well as to what suits your individual training needs. 2 cable handles are included and are ideal components to get you started while the pulley system is also compatible with most cable attachments should you wish to purchase a wider variety of cable handles (such as an ankle strap, close grip row attachment or tricep rope) to further enhance your exercise variety. Max load capacity 100kg.

Low Cable Pulley Station
The low cable pulley is also an incredible addition to the Bodymax Cable Motion and Rack System. Low cable pulley exercises such as bicep curls, and adductor/abductor movements can be performed when standing, as well as seated row movement with the aid of stabilizing footplates at the base of the rack either side of the pulley. A short straight bar is already included, but as with the dual adjustable pulley system, the low pulley is also compatible with most cable attachments should you wish to purchase alternatives. Max load capacity 100kg.

Multi-Position Barbell Rack
Also included is the multi-position barbell rack which has a maximum load capacity of 150kg. This is ideal for a huge variety of barbell exercises including squats, bench press, barbell rows, bicep curls, and shoulder press to name but a few. The over-sized catchers on either side move independently and are extremely robust as well as being nice and easy to adjust.

Multi-Grip Pull-Up/Chin-Up Station
The Bodymax Cable Motion and Rack System also has a multi-grip pull up station which will allow users to perform pull-ups and chin-ups with a wide variety of grip positions including wide grip pull-ups as well multiple options for neutral grip pull-ups and chins.

Landmine/Core-Trainer Attachment
Perform variations of t-bar rowing, core training and much more with the Landmine/Core-Trainer attachment. Compatible with either standard size (1") or olympic size (2") barbells (sold separately) you'll be able to ramp up your workouts with this extremely versatile addition to a piece of home training equipment which is already packed with an array of exercise options.

Suspension Training Anchor
Compatible with most suspension training systems, such as TRX, the Suspension Training Anchor is a simple addition which further enhances an already incredible solution for home training.

Plate Storage Pins
To top all of that off, the Bodymax Cable Motion and Rack System has conveniently positioned storage pins to hold your weight plates which, again, can be used with either standard size (1") or olympic size (2") weight plates.

Bodymax CF430+ (Plus Series) Flat, Incline and Decline Bench
Offering superb value for money, the Bodymax CF430+ Heavy-Duty Weight Bench is the perfect addition to your home gym or fitness studio. As part of the superb Bodymax Power Series this bench has been solidly constructed to provide an extra-ordinarily comfortable yet robust exercise experience. Easily adjustable into flat, incline and decline positions this bench will bring greater diversity and challenge to your training program. Using the bench at different angles encourages varied muscle engagement, so you work all aspects of the muscle to create a more defined and sculpted look. Targeting the whole muscle also improves its strength and helps with injury prevention.

The perfect companion for working with free weights such as dumbbells and barbells, the CF430+ has already taken the fitness world by storm. With a maximum user weight of 365 kg, this bench is perfect whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned athlete. Both the padded back rest and leg restraints provide additional comfort and support, whilst also maintaining the ability to be adjusted so you can stay in control of your training and progress. The durable upholstery is simple to clean so you can take your workout to the max every time. Dimensions: L140 x W62 x H120cm

Bodymax 145kg Rubber Olympic Barbell Weight Kit
Kit consists: 1 x 7' 20kg chromed and knurled olympic barbell with a maximum weight capacity of 272kg, 2 x 20kg rubber radial discs, 2 x 15kg rubber radial discs, 2 x 10kg rubber radial discs, 4 x 5kg rubber radial discs, 4 x 2.5kg rubber radial discs, 4 x 1.25kg rubber radial discs, 1 x pair olympic spring collars

An excellent starter package for any beginner or even experienced lifter, complete with a full range of weight plates and Olympic grade 7 foot bar with spring collars. Bodymax Olympic Rubber Radial Weight Plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier.

The rubber coating provides a more aesthetic finish than plain or painted cast iron finishes. The rubber coating also protects against rust and reduces noise of discs "clanking" against each other - rubber also protects floor coverings.

With over 30-years experience in the world of home fitness equipment, Powerhouse Fitness are pleased to offer this truly unique home training package for a fantastic price.

BodyMax Cable Motion Rack System
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
143x152x212cm (LxWxH)
BodyMax CF430+ Deluxe Utility Bench
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
140x62x120cm (LxWxH)
BodyMax 145kg Olympic Rubber Radial Barbell Kit with 7ft Bar
Maximum User Weight
No. of Months Warranty
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Warranty Details
1 Year Warranty
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Fantastic !
Really happy with this purchase, highly recommend

The service was fantastic, could not be happier with this purchase

great product
great price and quality would definitely buy again from powerhouse

Great value for money. Brilliant quality and sturdy.

BodyMax Cable Motion Rack System
I love the rack but not the bench, the bench is not that good.

Amaing Value and all round product
This piece of kit is such good value for money, as it comes with everything i wanted and doesn't take up to much space. I can target all my strength workouts on this one versatile piece of equipment

Versatile piece of equipment covering a multitude of exercises. Great value for money and ideal for the home to cover all your strength training.

Amazing Value
Purchased this last week for our spare room, great value for money - would highly recommend