BodyMax 2 x 22.5kg/50lbs Weight Stack Upgrade for BodyMax CF820

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Key Features:
  • 22.5kg per stack
  • Compatible with the BodyMax CF820 Functional Trainer
  • Home and Light commercial warranty
  • Easily adjusted
  • Safe and reliable
Upgrade your BodyMax CF820 Functional Trainer with the BodyMax 2 X 22kg/ 50lbs Weight Stack Upgrade. Bring your workout to the next level with additional weights that will add more intensity and challenge that will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time!

The BodyMax 2 X 22kg/50lbs Weight Stack upgrade is a safe and reliable option for adding weights to your BodyMax CF820 Functional Trainer. Weight stacks are safer and more convenient than weight plates as it is easier to adjust the weight as you just use the pin to select the weight you desire rather than adding or taking away weight plates making it safer and more convenient.

The BodyMax 2 X 22kg/50lb Weight Stack upgrade is only compatible with the BodyMax CF820 Functional Trainer which has dual adjustable pulleys and 2 X 72kg weight stacks. By adding the BodyMax 2 X 22kg Weight Stacks you will have 2 X 97kg weight stacks which adds more intensity and gives users a chance to really increase their strength. It also allows both fitness novices and veterans to use the BodyMax CF820 as part of their workout as the weight stack is heavy enough for everyone to work and engage their muscles.

The BodyMax CF820 Functional Trainer is a five-star product and allows users to carry out a wide range of exercises and the BodyMax 2 X 22kg/50lbs Weight Stack Upgrade only adds to versatility and intensity of the CF820. Here are some exercises you can try on the BodyMax CF820 with the 2 x 22kg/50lbs Weight
Stack Upgrade:

  • Using the low pulley - Single arm cable row, Cable Bicep curl, Cable Lateral raise, Low Pulley Row, Cable front squat, Side plank cable row.

  • Using the high pulley – High cable crunch, Cable crossover, Triceps cable pushdown, High pulley curls.

Strength training has many benefits such as gaining muscle mass and protecting bones and joints, strength training helps those looking to lose weight as it boost metabolism which speeds up the rate in which your body burn calories, it is also beneficial for increasing energy levels and improving moods due to the elevated levels of Endorphins.
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Great Addition!
Added these recently and have been pleased. Comes with new cable/rod, but no stickers to indicate weight. Rapid delivery!!