BodyMax V2.0 22.5kg Selectabell 5-in-1 Single Dumbbell

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Key Features:
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  • 5-in-1 Dumbbell
  • Adjusts from 4.5kg to 22.5kg in seconds
  • Simple selection mechanism
  • Flexibility of multiple dumbbell sizes
The new BodyMax V2.0 22.5kg Selectabell 5-in-1 Single Dumbbell gives you the flexibility of multiple dumbbell sizes in one easily adjustable dumbbell. Regardless of how limited your gym space is, you can have the freedom to train your own way with the weights you need.

The ingeniously simple selection mechanism allows you to cycle through from 4.5kg to 22.5kg in seconds.

Whether you’re new to excercise and looking to invest in your first piece of gym equipment, or a seasoned athlete wanting to add another weapon to your arsenal – this sleek and adaptable dumbbell is perfect to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Bodymax Selectabell can be used in specific weight training sessions to increase muscle strength, improve definition, and add size to every major muscle group.

The Selectabell is also a fantastic addition to circuit or functional training workouts to give further challenges to help maximise your progress.

With the option of buying the BodyMax Selectabell as an individual or as part of a pair, you have total control over how you can include this highly versatile piece of equipment in your training programme.

If you want your home gym to be the envy of everyone you know, the robust and stylish stand is recommended to keep your space organised clutter-free.!

2 Years Parts

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 18 reviews
Great idea!
More than happy with my purchase. Such a brilliant idea, especially for at home use as it saves a lot more space. Highly recommend

Superb dumbbell
Super happy with this purchase, quality is brilliant! The design makes it super efficient and great for saving space. Would highly recommend if you are looking to purchase multiple weights of dumbbells as this is so much more efficient

Great quality and service, could not recommend enough!

Amazing quality, would recommend!

Best set of selectabells I've ever had! I had the old V1.0 22.5kg's and my Mrs bought me the V2.0s and WOW what a difference! They are absolutely amazing, Very smooth when changing weight, feel like a real dumbell and fit easily back into the holder.

Superb design!
Superb design! Very ergonomic and space-saving dumbbells. I wanted to get a set of various weights but came across those and I'm very happy I did. I got multiple dumbbells is one. Easy to store away when I'm not working out and change the weight during the exercise.

Great product!
Great idea. Easy to use, quick to adjust. Can't see any negatives.

Very satisfied!
I'm very satisfied with the sellectabells. I was looking for something that doesn't take up much space and those are fantastic. The quality is very high and the finishes are nicely made.

Expensive? Maybe
Probably more money than I wanted to spend but easy to see the benefit once I had it. Saves so much space and works out cheaper than buying all the weights individually.

Space Saver Dumbbells
Great space saving product, easy to change weight quickly and not messy like plate loaded dumbbells.