BodyCraft Jones Lat/Low Pulley incl. 200lb Stack

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Key Features:
  • Compatible with BodyCraft Jones Free Motion Smith Machine
  • Includes 200lb weight stack
  • Light commercial and home use warranty
  • Easily adjustable weights
  • Guarded weight stack for safety
Add more to your BodyCraft Smith Machine with the BodyCraft Jones Lat/Low Pulley which includes a 200lb weight stack that will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time!

The BodyCraft Jones Lat/Low Pulley is a safe and reliable option for adding more to your smith machine as the 200lb weight stack is a safer alternative to using weight plates on your smith machines as the weight can be easily adjusted using the selector pin rather than adding or removing weight plates. The 200lb weight stack also has guards for further safety, the guards prevent any injuries such as fingers getting stuck between the weights. This makes the BodyCraft Jones Lat/Low Pulley extremely safe, user friendly and suitable for all ages.

By adding a Lat/Low Pulley to your Smith Machine you are adding a wide variety of exercise to your workout whilst also adding more variety and excitement which will keep you motivated and determined to reach your fitness goals. The 200lb weight stack will also help keep you motivated as it is a challenging and effective way to track your progress, the weight stack is effective for all users as it engages and builds muscles for both fitness novices and veterans. Here are some exercises you can try with the Lat/Low pulley:

Cable Bicep Curl: Using a low pulley a single arm cable row isolates the Biceps and is an effective way to build bicep muscle.
Cable Lateral Raise: Cable Lateral raises works the Lateral Deltoid and upper Trap muscles.
Low Pulley Row: Low pulley row is a great exercise to strengthen the back and bring out muscles in the centre of the back.
Single Arm Cable Row: Using a low pulley a single arm cable row works the latissimus dorsi, the back, shoulders, the trapezius, rhomboids and even the pecs.

Strength training has many benefits such as gaining muscle mass and protecting bones and joints, strength training helps those looking to lose weight as it boost metabolism which speeds up the rate in which your body burn calories, it is also beneficial for increasing energy levels and improving moods due to the elevated levels of Endorphins.

The BodyCraft Jones Lat/low Pulley including 200lb Stack comes with a Light Commercial and Home use warranty with a life time home use warranty and 10 years frame, 2 years parts light commercial warranty.
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Light commercial: 2 years parts, 10 years frame Residential: lifetime
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Body Craft pully machine
A really good piece of machine adds to the back of the smith machine. Plenty of weight on it, you will have to move the smith machine around as it can get in the way of some exercises. I am pleased with the machine and would recommend it as you can do all body parts with both.