BodyCraft F670 Hyper Extension / Roman Chair

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Key Features:
  • Adjusts from 0, to 25, to 45 degrees
  • Includes exercise guide
  • Fully adjustable roman chair
  • Fully adjustable rollers and foot plate
  • Extra wide injection molded pad
Carve out those rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted with this training bench that can help you perform challenging exercises to develop your core. Define your glutes and hamstring will also strengthening your lower back can all be possible with one product – the BodyCraft F670 Hyper Extension/Roman Chair.

The BodyCraft Hyperextension adjusts from a flat position to a 45-degree position so that all sized users can use. The back-hyperextension bench lets you position correctly while performing a variety of movements. Sit and lean backward to develop your core or flip over to perform back workouts with targeted motions. Fully adjustable, the F670 is the perfect product which will suit all users by finding the most comfortable position while keeping correct form with using the exercise guide which is included.

The high-quality frame with coated finish the ascetically pleasing which is perfect for home use.

Features high-density foam to insure maximum comfort when in use.

The stability handles provide extra stability when aligning your body to ensure correct technique and maximum security when going on and off.

The compact and sleek design allows you to store the machine conveniently in a small space which is perfect for users with limited space to workout.

The hyperextension and roman chair have many benefits including strengthening your lower back, glutes and hamstrings. When completing the movement on the hyperextension it focuses on the erector spine muscle, which is responsible for extending your spine. The top part of the movement includes a small amount of hip extension, which works your glute muscles. The hyperextension can also be used as an assistance movement to improve the squat and dead lift. It can be used as a primary glute or hamstring movement for bodybuilding purposes. You can train all your abdominal muscles when using the F670 with challenging exercises to develop your core and carve out those abs.

Home Use: - 7-year frame, 1 year moving parts/wearable items (excludes labour)
Light Commercial Use: - 3-year frame, 6 months moving parts/wearable items (excludes labour)
Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
130x61x97cm (LxWxH)
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Product Reviews

Average rating from 15 reviews
Assembled according to instructions, but some parts are still a bit \"loose\", i.e. they shake a bit. Apart from that, very high quality product.

Excellent product. Really well made and strong.Excellent adjustability 45 deg to level.

Bodycraft F670 Hyper Extension / Roman Chair
This item was delivered within an week and a half of ordering. It came in a heavy duty cardboard box and was well protected. There was an itemised list of parts and fixings and nothing was missing.The assembly instructions were very easy to follow and with a few basic tools (mainly spanners) I was able to construct it single handed. The Bench is made from high quality heavy duty steel all the welds are good. I can not believe the build quality it is like the equipment in the local gym. The main pad is comfortable and large enough to support me (I'm 6 foot tall and over weight) the two pads on the lower leg supports are really good quality too. I have lower back problems(due to short hamstrings and damaged discs) and although I've only used it for a few days on a low rep count it seems to be helping already. My over all opinion this piece of equipment is well worth the money and the service provided by Powerhouse Fitness was excellent.

Good purchase
Sturdy and good quality piece of equipment. Regularly in use.

Excellent bit of kit for
Excellent bit of kit for the home gym and really easy to setup and use. (kids love trying it out as well!!)

Sehr gut auf verschiedene Körpergrößen anwendbar und einfach zu verstellen. Neben 45 Grad Hyperextension auch 90 Grad möglich (d.h. wie ein \"Glute Ham Developer\" nutzbar. Aufbau einfach anhand von mitgelieferter Explosionszeichnung möglich. Würde Produkt wieder kaufen.

Der Rückenstrecker F670 von BodyCraft ermöglicht durch stufenweise Einstelloptionen des Fuß- und Bauchteils unterschiedliche Übungen zur Stärkung der Rücken- und Bauchmuskulatur. Trotz der leichten Justierung und Einstellbarkeit von Komponenten, überzeugt das Produkt durch eine robuste und solide Bauweise. Ein einfaches Zusammenlegen oder Verkleinern des Trainingsgerätes, um es leicht verstauen zu können, ist jedoch nicht möglich. Das Motto sollte aber ohnehin lauten: \"bewegen statt zusammenlegen\"

Appareil robuste. Efficacité au rendez vous en ce qui concerne le renforcement de la ceinture abdominale et principalement les lombaires

Das Gerät ist sehr massiv und gut verarbeitet. Es macht einen wirklich hochwertigen Eindruck und ist sehr stabil. Die Montageanleitung ist nur auf englisch verfügbar, aber gut verständlich. Der Aufbau dauerte etwa eine halbe Stunde. Die Polster sind großflächig. Alles in allem eine gute Alternative zum Gerät im Fitnessstudio.

Sehr stabiles Gerät, auch für große Personen (190cm und darüber) geeignet. Ich verwende es zum Rücken- und Schultertraining, aber auch als halbhohe Bank zum Schrägbankdrücken ( Knie auf Fussablage) sowie horizontal sitzend als Abs-Trainer. Einziger kleiner Nachteil: Sitzfläche ist neu sehr glatt, nutzt sich aber vielleicht noch ab.