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Have you heard that it’s officially Love Parks week? From July 29 to August 5, people are celebrating and shouting about how valuable magnificent parks are to their communities. Helping provide local communities with a week full of outdoor fun. Encouraging everyone to get together and have fun outdoors.

They are fantastic for our canine friends, kids, and adults (everyone). Offers a secure setting for socialising, bonding, eating, and outdoor sports. Providing a space for everyone to develop.

Free Exercise For Everyone

As well as being a free training area, local parks can accommodate a variety of activities as well.

Communities are able to choose from dog walks, running, children’s play areas, bootcamps, and many other opportunities. They provide a space where you may get active while spending time with friends and family in a beautiful, natural setting.

Take advantage of your local park this week, with the help of Powerhouse Fitness. Improve your technique, strength, stamina, and agility by training outside.

powerhouse fitness bootcamp

Benefits of Bootcamp

Outdoor bootcamps are fantastic for people of all fitness levels and offer a tonne of benefits to participants. They can easily take place at your local park, or you can plan a solo session for yourself outside.

Benefits of taking part in a Bootcamp:

  • Aid in burning calories
  • Helps improve mental health
  • Exercising with like-minded people
  • It may lead to long-term fitness
  • It may aid in muscle toning
  • Improves aerobic endurance
  • Exercising in the fresh air
  • Improves overall mood
  • Alternative way of socialising
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Bootcamp Equipment

One thing to always have in mind to successfully carry out a full-body workout is to have the right tools.

Taurus Multi-Grip Functional Power Bags

There are a variety of outdoor fitness equipment options available at Powerhouse Fitness for customers to choose from. We have something for bootcamps, outdoor personal training sessions, group exercise classes, circuit training, and much more.

Choose your equipment to meet the needs of your goals. We offer a variety of equipment suitable for all fitness levels, including kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, agility tools, weights, and more.

Your Local Park & Fitness

Let’s get an early start on enjoying outdoor activities. Click here for guidance in locating the nearest park in your area.

Use your town’s green space to stay active this summer with your family, friends, and clients. Let’s exercise outside. After all, exercise is for everyone. #loveparks

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