Powerhouse Fitness Ambassador Fabio Bonanno gives his top tips on how to keep active and healthy whilst working from home!

Sitting For Long Hours Has Impacts

This last year, I think we will all agree has been at times a real test of both our physical and mental health aswell as the stress we have all no doubt felt from time to time.

One of the biggest culprits for many, is being stuck at a desk, working from home and having a hard time separating work, home, family, a social life and workouts, everything happens in one place, everyday!

One thing, I’ve observed is that most people need to move more during their working hours. Aside from doing the basics like getting out for a walk and getting fresh air, here’s a few other ideas you might like to try!


So How Can I Combat This?

When you sit down all day, a lot of things happen: you are hunched over a desk which results in your breathing not being as natural as it should be. You probably don’t breathe properly if you’re stressed either, so this is the starting point! You’ll be amazed at how your energy changes just by focusing on your breath for 1-3 minutes.

As you read this I want you to stop.

  • Sit up straight or even better, stand up and move a little, wriggle your body and free yourself up.
  • Take a big deep breath into your belly.
  • If you can, breath in through your nose.

This activates the rest and relax part of your nervous system which means it lowers stress, that inhale should be as big and as long as possible, 4-6 seconds.

Think about blowing up a big balloon in your stomach. Hold it at the top for 1-3 seconds then exhale slowly for 6-8 seconds if you can and repeat for 1-3 minutes, that will just separate you from the stresses of a manic day.



Treat this as a check in with yourself and a reset from all the madness of the day. Then you want to work on reversing all the bad stuff that happens when you are hunched over at a desk.

The main areas are the back of the legs, the hips and the spine, so here are my top stretches and movements to get you moving again.

Perform them in order, 1-3 times through, if you do this every 1-2 hours, it will help you feel that little bit more energised throughout the day.

Check out Fabio’s stretches below:


It’s Important To Get Out & About

Another point to note is that being stuck inside all day isn’t great for your physical and mental health. That is obvious and there might be a little bit of fear about going outside but if you can do so safely then I highly recommend you do.

Even though it’s not summer, sun exposure is key to help keep a healthy immune system as well as helping you regulate your body clock. Try and get out as early as possible when it’s light to take advantage of this, fresh air is also anti-viral and great for your lungs!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Fabio then he is always open to questions via Instagram @fabiobonanno or on his website: www.fabiobonanno.coach


Unwind After A Hard Day At The Office

As Fabio mentioned, getting out and about after a day’s hard graft is excellent for your well-being.

However, another option you may not have considered before is treating yourself to a luxury full-body massage? Sounds good doesn’t it?

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With 3 different size options, finishing work will never have been such an exciting prospect!

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